“Are Criminal Medical Interventions Damaging Everyone?”

Image: zengardner.com As I have shared many times before, I have been seriously ill with chronic sinusitis, which adversely effects my asthma, since November of 2013, when my drug-peddling quack (at the time) forced two very ineffective and immune-system suppressing vaccines on me in one visit. And now, one of my oldest and closest friends … Continue reading “Are Criminal Medical Interventions Damaging Everyone?”

Witch Burning and Women’s Oppression

The Most Revolutionary Act


Caliban and the Witch

by Silvia Federici

AK Press (2004)

Free PDF download Caliban and the Witch

Book Review

Caliban and the Witch*discusses the critical role witch burning played in the enclosure movement that drove our ancestors from the commons.

Feudalism Characterized by Continuous Rebellion

As Federici ably documents, medieval Europe was characterized by nearly continuous rebellion by serfs against their slave-like conditions. According to Federici, it was only by introducing a reign of terror involving the execution of nearly 200,000 women that the ruling elite succeeding in preventing total insurrection.

In all European countries (both Catholic and Protestant), witch burning was accompanied by legislation expelling women from most occupations and severely restricting their legal and reproductive freedom. The control over women’s reproduction (including a ban on birth control, abortion and all non-procreative sex) was a direct reaction to the population decline caused by famine and plague. Their lower…

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