“The Anatomy of Belief and Evil” (14 minutes)

The Anatomy of Belief and Evil By Scooter Rockets Scooter looks deep into the con-cept of belief and its direct connection to evil. Turns out that belief is not as harmless as most people think it is. Source: The Anatomy of Belief and Evil - Zen Gardner

“Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?”

Image: zengardner.com Out of the mouths of babes: Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up? by Elle I had the honorable privilege over the holidays to spend time chatting with my nieces and nephews (ages 14-20) along with my 14-year-old daughter chiming in on our conversations. These teenagers are more awake than most adults … Continue reading “Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?”

Memes that make you glow in the dark

Tales from the Conspiratum

Police The Police

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Source: The Usual Suspects, the movie. Yes, I know some give credit to Baudelaire. I don’t care.

 Rothschild Zionism

Gerald Celente

Clowns Against Child Poverty

Clowns Against Child Poverty

 Memo proves the Pentagon knew Iraq didn’t have WMD’s
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The absurdity of the war on drugs summed up in one meme.
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Justice for Zachary Hammond
Police The Police
How long are we as a society going to put up with this criminal behavior justified by fake and unnatural laws?
Comment:Just show this chart to all the current wind bags wanting to run the US and ask them to justify this. These repulsive politicians have no problem finding trillions of dollars for immoral wars, yet …

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“’A Virus’ Is The Best False Cover Story Ever Invented.”

Image: 21stcenturywire.com I have stayed away from this story, since I don't believe anything being pandered by the main-stream media, especially when what these talking heads are pandering deals with 'viruses', 'outbreaks'/'pandemics' and 'cure all' vaccines. The following article, however, is most likely exposing the so-called "Zika" virus for what it truly is; another disease, … Continue reading “’A Virus’ Is The Best False Cover Story Ever Invented.”