“Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?”

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Out of the mouths of babes:

Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?

by Elle

I had the honorable privilege over the holidays to spend time chatting with my nieces and nephews (ages 14-20) along with my 14-year-old daughter chiming in on our conversations. These teenagers are more awake than most adults including their parents. My husband and I are amazed of the level of understanding these young people have of the world dynamics of manipulation, corruption, deceit, and lies plaguing our world past, present and future. They are onto the deceit that is happening at all levels: politically, economically, socially, environmentally, educationally etc. We found it so amusing their level of knowing and to the depth of conversations we found ourselves in.

They all read and listen to the alternative news sites and engage in chat rooms with their peers. What astonished us the most is how we as parents forget about engaging our youth in worldly issues and happenings. They are our educators and quite often we turn a blind eye to the vastness of their knowledge due to their age but how we listen so intently to adults in the news, academics, teachers and figures of authority to get what we think is ‘truth news’. It was interesting and appalling when they talked about the so called ‘mandatory high school vaccination program’, in how none of them wanted to participate in the vaccines but honored their parents wishes to do so, going against their own knowing and human rights.

They talked about how the school system is nothing but brainwashing and gave an example with the wondering of “how the UN based curriculum (they received a paper that stated UN based) has anything to do with the importance of vaccines, which is now part of their Geography curriculum” and how learning about living in “Regions” in the context of survival is applicable. They shared how ‘world current events’ such as the war in Syria and Isis has become weekly writing assignments in their English classes in which they are assigned questions and then asked to state their opinions. They shared how they ‘hated’ this learning and found it intrusive and ‘bullshit’. However, we can’t help but think of the silver lining to all this. It was our observation and validation that this crap that their feeding our youths is supporting their natural inquisitiveness into a direction of finding the truth.

As parents we want what is best for our children and education is part of this package but why do we send off our children to these educational institutions (now called institutions vs. secondary or post secondary education) invest their precious time and our hard earned money to be brainwashed by these ‘educators’ and not show an interest in what their learning or engage them to ask –“why do you hate school”. Our children are stuck in a system that is literally killing them and we as parents sit back and watch this happen in the name of ignorant love. Our children are suffering in silence hence today the highest level of teenage suicide and depression while we sit back and wonder why. For God sake parents wake up and have a conversation with your children, educate yourselves on what is happening in your own backyard and provide an outlet of self expression for your children and listen to what they are saying – they just may have the truth as to ‘Why, is our world so screwed up’. (emphasis added)


A parent in Ontario, Canada, looking out for the best interest of our children’s futures.

Source: Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?’ – Zen Gardner

Note: I spent some time talking with a friend’s son who was home-schooled until he was in ninth grade. And this young man, like his father, is very intelligent and verbal. And he shared much of the same total disdain for the ways of society and the ‘educational’ (indoctrinating/brainwashing/dumbing-down) process as the children in this article. Only he is an American.

As a former public school teacher, I can tell you that I would never allow my child to attend a public school. Never!


Check this short video out:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  (8 min) | Talesfromthelou

2 thoughts on ““Mommy, Why is Our World So Screwed Up?”

  1. I owe my political education to my parents’ arguments around the dinner table. Their focus on political issues modeled in the most profound way that these issues should be important in my own life. Although I parted ways, as an adult, with their ultraconservative views the experience was invaluable.

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  2. Yes, you have shared this once before. And I am still amazed, since my experience as a child was completely the opposite.

    Both of my parents, beyond voting repub or dem every four years, were as apolitical as two human beings could be. In fact, my father had little to do with me, period. And as I grew older, I realized my mother, who had tried to be a father to me as well, was naive in so many ways.

    So I started reading the editorial pages in the local newspaper, in my mid to late teens, and watching the broadcast news at night, which as you know, was all we had back then, for the most part. So I formulated my politics and opinions on my own, which was not all that effective, since I, too, was naive but did not know it.

    So once again, you were lucky/blessed to have had this experience with your parents. I wish I would have had even just a taste of this!


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