“Education matters”

Image: http://www.aclu.org It is time for we the individuals to educate our children (our future) "independently of the system," so they can "learn to think critically:" Education matters Education today is both a blessing and a curse. Within the education system are teachers who apply ingenuity, imagination and love into their work guiding students but … Continue reading “Education matters”

Oscar Spoiler: The Return of ‘Syria Danny’, as actor Danny Dayem turns up in latest Rami Jarah fictional short ?

Don’t believe what you hear on CNN, or any other network or cable ‘news’ channel, the main-stream media!

The Wall Will Fall

4th February 2016

Written by Vanessa Beeley

Danny now2Has Danny Abdul Dayem been resurrected? 

In Rami Jarrah’s recent Ana Press academy award winner,  “ISIS wherefore art thou ISIS” [Edited title] we saw a surprise guest appearance, either from Danny Abdul Dayem’s doppelganger or Danny himself has been brought out of retirement by Soros backed ANA Press.

In this artful and seductive portrayal of Aleppo, threatened exclusively by ISIS, the demonic Russians and uber demonic SAA, we see Danny II speaking in his inimitable lisping, mumbling style “No we are against DAESH” [my edit] but we love the good villains like Al Nusra, even when they shoot a few civilians in the head, its not a problem the White Helmets will pick up the body parts.

Part II – Syria’s White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ ‘Moderate Executioners’

Rami Jarrah, the ultimate smooth operator has honed his propaganda skills since…

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“States, Stockholm Syndrome, and Pseudo-Patriotism”

Image: zengardner.com This article speaks for itself: States, Stockholm Syndrome, and Pseudo-Patriotism By Harry Elliott The Stanford Review The author would like to thank Michael Huemer for his initial Stockholm Syndrome thesis discussed in his work on anarchocapitalism. A government has the power, in most cases, to enslave us at a moment’s notice for a … Continue reading “States, Stockholm Syndrome, and Pseudo-Patriotism”

“…And Justice for All” the Power Elite Only!

Image: activistpost.com While millions of Americans rot in jail cells for possessing and smoking marijuana, the Zionist banking cartel, as usual, gets away with murder. It's time, once again, for the "Too Big to Fail" routine, only this time it's the "Too Big to Prosecute" routine: Feds Helped Hide Investigation into Big Bank's Money Laundering … Continue reading “…And Justice for All” the Power Elite Only!

A Short Excerpt from an Article Titled “Policing and Profit” | Harvard Law Review

This is “law and order?” This is “To Protect and Serve?”

If so, then give me chaos!

How long, people, are we going to tolerate this corrupt system?

Taking Sides

Norm’s note: all of what follows is an excerpt from an article titled “Policing and Profit,” which you can find here, Harvard Law Review:

“In April 2012, Tom Barrett was arrested for stealing a can of beer from a convenience store in Augusta, Georgia.20 When Barrett appeared in court, he was offered the services of a court-appointed attorney for a $80 fee.21 Barrett refused to pay and pled “no contest” to a shoplifting charge. The court sentenced Barrett to a $200 fine plus a year of probation.22 Barrett’s probation terms required him to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. Even though Barrett’s sentence did not require him to stop drinking alcohol (and the bracelet would thus detect all the alcohol Barrett chose to drink with no consequences),  he was ordered to either rent this bracelet or go to jail.23  The bracelet cost Barrett a $50 startup fee…

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