“Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles”

Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles By James Corbett Zika is a bust. But it’s accomplished its mission: $1.8 billion in funding, further trial runs of the medical martial law apparatus in another part of the world, and more adulation for the fearless WHO. Join me for today’s thought for the day as … Continue reading “Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles”

Capitalism: “Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre”

Image: activistpost.com In 1972, I worked with a Vietnam veteran who had been maimed by white phosphorous. He and his unit had "accidentally" been hit by a U.S. weapon containing "wp". And most of his body had been burned. At the time I worked with him, he was still trying to recover from his wounds, … Continue reading Capitalism: “Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre”

“United States Exposed for Being Complicit in Arming and Training Child Soldiers in Afghanistan”

Image: activistpost.com With one-hundred million (56 million claimed for the last twenty years), or more, unborn babies sacrificed at the alter of Roe v Wade, and hundreds of millions more children mass murdered in U.S. wars all over the planet, it should be of no surprise that the U.S. would be supporting armed militants who … Continue reading “United States Exposed for Being Complicit in Arming and Training Child Soldiers in Afghanistan”

War fraud: The great lies behind imperial warfare in the 21st century

Desultory Heroics

By Mark Taliano

Source: Intrepid Report

The “War On Terror” and “The War On Drugs” are both fraudulent, and they are both related. In a classic example of “reverse projection”, ”the War on Terror” is literally a “War for Terror,” and the “War on Drugs” is literally a “War for Drugs.”

Terror, coupled with the illegal trade in narcotics, particularly heroin, is enabling the orchestration, and funding, of illegal warfare which serves the interests of an international oligarch class as it destroys humanity.

The barbarity of the military operations conducted by the West is beyond the imagination of most domestic audiences, even when details are publicized.

Broadly speaking, we can decode the 9/11 terror wars using a simple formula:

  • Problem
  • Reaction
  • Solution

NATO imperialists engineer or exploit problems to create reactions, with a view to creating previously planned solutions. Typically, problems (i.e, 9/11 crimes) serve to…

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Tube Crowd Speeker heading

Now, as Tubularsock writes this it is nearing midnight in Moscow. And it’s near noon in Oakland, CA which makes drinking Vodka permissible in both time zones according to Tubularsock’s rules. Of course morning Vodka does have its place too.

Tubularsock has never, to date, disliked a Russian. All the Russians that Tubularsock have met over the years have all been likable. Now, granted Tubularsock is working with a limited sample but it’s the only sample Tubularsock has.

Now Vlad, who Tubularsock has never met is an oligarch unlike Obummer who is a puppet of oligarchs. Both are working from SELF interest and both have a lot invested in their “trade” of power and money.

ObamaPutin Bogeyman

But Tubularsock doesn’t really have any experience in being an oligarch nor a puppet of the oligarchs in the direct sense. But Tubularsock does have direct experience with being a person.

So lets look at…

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