“If America Were a Car, It Would be in the Shop”

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The following article paints a very grim, realistic picture of just how bad things really are in this country, and simply because of the dire consequences associated with the elite-psychopaths’ globalist-agenda.

In the end, however, the author places the responsibility, and rightly so, back on we the individuals to do something to change all of this, and not just for the good of our selves, but for the good of the rest of humanity and the planet:

If America were a car, it would be in the shop

By Jon Rappoport

And if it were in the shop, the mechanics would remove the defective transmission labeled Globalism and install a new one.

The free market, such as it was 60 years ago, was a kind of balancing act, imperfect, but functioning. US manufacturing plants and domestic workers were producing products and selling them at what would now be considered high prices. Compared to what? Compared to prices if the factories had been located overseas, where workers were paid far less, where safety and environmental laws were lax.

But those American workers in factories were making a living wage. They could afford to buy products made in America. Not all workers could, but a lot of them could.

In that “closed system,” the balancing act was: US wages vs. the price of goods produced in America. Could a worker make enough to buy enough of what he wanted? The answer, of course, wasn’t an unqualified yes, but it was a significant yes.

However, Rockefeller Globalists were looking for something else, and they began their earnest effort at transformation in 1945, when the first round of GATT talks took place. Fifty years later, that international treaty was signed and wrapped up, and the World Trade Organization was created.

Suddenly, tariffs were off the table. Foreign companies could export their goods to America, pay no tariff, and sell them cheaply. US companies could shut down domestic factories, go abroad, open up factories there, make goods cheaply, and export them to the US. The whole game changed.

The Globalists’ propaganda, spouted by men like the unctuous Bill Clinton, claimed that, on balance, this would be a good deal for American workers. They could buy what they wanted at lower prices.

Of course, many of those US workers were now out of jobs, because the companies they worked for here had shut down and moved to faraway places. The former balancing act between wages and buying power was destroyed.

And as more US companies moved out of the country, more US workers were unemployed. The old US “closed system” was no more. Everything was “global” now.

That old closed system had worked because, in America, if workers hadn’t been paid a decent wage, they wouldn’t have been able to buy products “made in America,” and the whole system would have collapsed.

But understand this: top-tier Globalists wanted to wreck the American economy. In the wake of the ongoing destruction, they wanted to shift as many economic control mechanisms as possible to the federal government. And they wanted to bulk up mega-corporations, which would operate internationally, with no allegiance to any government or nation.

Globalists were re-shaping the mission of government and corporations, so those twins’ true loyalties were pledged to the agenda of One Planet, under one overarching management system

The Globalists are on their way.

There is just one problem. As they put a knife into the heart of one vibrant national economy after another (through expanding unemployment), the number of consumers who are able to participate in the new system declines, drops, dries up.

This is no accident. Even the mega-corporations, in the long run, are being used as pawns. They will eventually fail. Right now, many of them are operating their assembly lines at half-mast. They could produce enough for three planets, but they don’t have enough international customers.

What the Globalists actually want is: One Planet, In Poverty, with no liberty or justice for anyone—except themselves.

When you look at the real climate agenda, you see that, underneath the proposed carbon taxes and cap and trade, the goal is diminished energy production. For all. Everywhere. More poverty.

Why? Because a planet that looks more and more like the Third World is easier to control and easier to selectively depopulate.

Some mega-corporate CEOs undoubtedly see this end game. They’re jockeying and tap dancing and scheming to avoid it. They’re telling themselves, “The day of the big crunch is still a long way off, I don’t have to worry about it now, I’ll be gone to my grave when it happens, and there’s always the dream of selling big to China and India…”

The most popular product on the planet is Denial, and it’s free.

As an aside, you should now be able to see the true motive behind exacerbating racial conflict within America and within other countries. Whatever can be done to raise the level of conflict acts as a cover story—concealing the fact that what many poverty-stricken areas need now is what they had before: jobs.

When those jobs left, neighborhoods and communities were shattered. This must be covered up, kept silent, omitted from the official news. Instead, residents of those areas must be led to demand something they will (purposely) never get: justice.

All the gobbledygook about “a dialogue on race” and “privilege” and other politically correct notions are jacked-up propaganda, aimed at concealing the economic realities of Globalism.

That word Globalism was all over the news 20 years ago. Notice that now it has nearly disappeared. In its place are numerous cover stories, diversions, distractions, and even yes, a rising Presidential candidate who appears to understand the Globalist game.

But Bernie Sander’s solutions turn out to be quite in line with Globalists’ objectives: hand over more functions of the economy to the government.

—As you dig further and further down the rabbit hole, you find that all covert ops meet at the place where the Individual and his latent power are defamed and discounted. And that is where the counter-offensive, which is creative and innovative, begins.

It begins with the Individual seeing through the lies about himself.

The Matrix spins those lies, hoping to obscure something awesome that lives in the hidden psyche of every person, beyond the grasp of any and all mind control. (emphasis added)

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