The US Colonization of Latin America

The Most Revolutionary Act

The War On Democracy

Directed by John Pilger (2007)

Film Review

The War Against Democracy is about the US colonization of Latin America, specifically the role of the CIA and the US military in systematically overthrowing democratically elected governments in Central and South America. In each case, the US installs hand picked right wing dictators who forcibly expel indigenous peasants from their land and privatize publicly owned assets and resources for the benefit of US corporations.

Australian filmmaker John Pilger begins by focusing on the US war against Venezuela’s democratically elected government, carefully debunking Washington and media lies depicting former president Hugo Chavez as a communist dictator. In addition to tracing the massive popular movement that brought Chavez to power, the documentary also features dramatic footage of the failed US-sponsored 2002 coup.

Pilger also highlights the 1954 coup in Guatemala, the 1973 coup in Chile and the Bolivian revolution that…

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The glorification of Antonin Scalia

Desultory Heroics


By Tom Carter


The sickening tributes across the official US political and media spectrum to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died suddenly on Saturday at the age of 79, are a barometer of the putrefaction of American democracy.

The universal deference towards Scalia from what passes for the “liberal” faction of the establishment is particularly repulsive. The statements of the Democratic presidential candidates, the supposed “socialist” Bernie Sanders no less than Hillary Clinton—echoing similarly sycophantic drivel from the likes of the New York Times—are monuments to political cowardice.

One would say these people lack the courage of their convictions if they had any convictions to lack!

They have sprung into action to join their Republican counterparts in hailing Scalia as a towering figure in American jurisprudence. Virtually every description of the deceased justice includes the words “brilliant” and “intellectual.” One is reminded of the programmed acclamation…

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“We’re Getting Fleeced: Privatized Water Is 58% More Expensive Than Tap Water, Major New Study Finds”

Image: For weeks now, I have been waiting for this part of the story to break. I have been waiting for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and many other cities and towns around the country, to be revealed for what it has always been; an excuse for the privatization of OUR water supply. … Continue reading “We’re Getting Fleeced: Privatized Water Is 58% More Expensive Than Tap Water, Major New Study Finds”

“The FBI Just Released an Orwellian Video Game to Propagandize Children”

Image: The following reveals the kind of propaganda that only happens in Communist Russia and China, or so we had been taught (indoctrinated/brainwashed with) in public school. Yep, when I was in school, it was only "those damn commies" that would perpetrate such a criminal act of mind-control on their children: The FBI Just … Continue reading “The FBI Just Released an Orwellian Video Game to Propagandize Children”

Tap runs brown in Louisiana’s impoverished northeast

Desultory Heroics


With infrastructure funds going unspent, residents have lack of drinking supplies and iron sediment flowing from pipes


Source: Al Jazeera

ST. JOSEPH, Louisiana – “I’m scared to take a bath,” said Ethel Strum, who lives in St. Joseph, a community of barely 1,000 people in northeast Louisiana.

She turned on the tap in the bathroom sink of her tidy one-story home and the water flowed clear for a second before fading to a milky brown. In her kitchen, a few cases of bottled water, which she uses for everything from brushing her teeth to cooking, are stacked on the table.

“I drive to Newellton to shower. It’s a 20-minute drive but I can do it in 12,” she laughed.

But talking about the town’s water issues makes her visibly upset. Among the many problems are frequent outages, water thick with iron sediment from the aging pipes, and…

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