Police State America in Pictures

“Land of the free?” I think not!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Welcome to the home of the free (ya, right)

Source: Police State America in Pictures


February 28, 2016

Police State America in Pictures

image credit: NPR
Watertown, MA
image credit: WBUR
A Blue Police MRAP
image credit: Truth In Media
Fire Rescue MRAP
image credit: Call The Cops
School District MRAP
image credit: NBC San Diego
Police Rescue/Ambulance MRAP
image credit: KSL

Police Conducting Breathalyzers of Bar Patrons

image credit: KCRA News

Police Drivers License Checkpoints

image credit:KSHB News

Police Drug Checkpoints

image credit: KSN TV
Police DWI Checkpoints

image credit: Masslive

Police State in a Mall

image credit: HLNTV
 TSA at a Train Station
image credit: Police State USA
DHS at a Train Station
image credit: TSA
Ferguson, MO
image credit APimages

Welcome to Police State America 2016, America land of the free my A**.

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