George Washington Williams and the Congo Genocide


Punch_congo_rubber_cartoonPolitical cartoon from 1906 showing King Leopold of Belgium entangling the Congolese in rubber coils

“At the very beginning of the twentieth century there was an unquenchable demand in America and Europe for an amazing new technology—air-filled rubber tires. The Age of the Railroad was ending. Henry Ford was making cars by the million, bicycles were pouring out of factories, freight was moving in gasoline-powered trucks, and they all ran on rubber. The Congo had more natural rubber than anywhere else.

To meet this demand King Leopold II of Belgium, in one of the greatest scams in history, tricked local tribes into signing away their lands and lives in bogus treaties that none of them could read. He sold these “concessions” to speculators who used torture and murder to drive whole communities into the jungle to harvest rubber.

The profits from the slave-driving concessions were stupendous. Wild rubber, as well…

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Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Think false flags are just conspiracy theories? Think again! They are real and here today, as they have been for a long, long time: Source: Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Hillary’s Latest Bow to AIPAC

Desultory Heroics


By Ralph Nader

Source: CounterPunch

It is well known to Washington political observers that politicians invited to speak at the annual, giant AIPAC convention ask for suggested talking points from this powerful pro-Israeli government lobby. Hillary Clinton’s pandering speech must have registered close to 100% on AIPAC’s checklist.

Of course, both parties pander to AIPAC to such depths of similar obeisance that reporters have little to report as news. But giving big-time coverage to sheer political power is automatic. Compare it to the sparse attention given to the conference a few days earlier at the National Press Club on the Israeli lobby featuring scholars, authors and the well-known Israeli dissenter, Gideon Levy of the respected Ha’aretz newspaper (see

But Mrs. Clinton’s speech was newsworthy for its moral obtuseness and the way in which it promised unilateral White House belligerence should she become president. A reader would never know…

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“Lessons from 1984, The Matrix, and The Allegory of The Cave”

Image: The following article speaks for itself: The Dangers of Institutional Thinking – Lessons from 1984, The Matrix, and The Allegory of the Cave By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributor, On the walls of the Cave, only the shadows are the Truth.” ~ from Plato’s ‘Allegory of The Cave’. Some philosophical work is so … Continue reading “Lessons from 1984, The Matrix, and The Allegory of The Cave”

“The Dead Are Alive”

Image: In the image above, we the individuals are the dead who are still alive. This is how the structural-elite view us, in their Darwinian/Eugenics stupor, a stupor they themselves created. Even though we are alive, we are dead to these creatures, because we are, in their warped minds, simply not fit to be … Continue reading “The Dead Are Alive”

“Deadly Contamination Found in Water of Factory Towns Nationwide”

Image: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang in 1970: Gotta get down to it Soldiers are cutting us down Should have been done long ago. What if you knew her And found her dead on the ground How can you run when you know? (Ohio) Today, we should all be singing: Gotta get down … Continue reading “Deadly Contamination Found in Water of Factory Towns Nationwide”

Fidel Castro Decries U.S. Record of Hostility, War-Mongering, Racism & Genocide — United States Hypocrisy

We need to look to Castro for advice, since Cuba is putting the U.S. to shame!

unnecessary news from earth

Castro: “Nobody should be under the illusion that the people of this dignified and selfless country will renounce the glory, the rights, or the spiritual wealth they have gained with the development of education, science and culture.”

The kings of Spain brought us the conquistadores and masters, whose footprints remained in the circular land grants assigned to those searching for gold in the sands of rivers, an abusive and shameful form of exploitation, traces of which can be noted from the air in many places around the country.

Tourism today, in large part, consists of viewing the delights of our landscapes and tasting exquisite delicacies from our seas, and is always shared with the private capital of large foreign corporations, whose earnings, if they don’t reach billions of dollars, are not worthy of any attention whatsoever.

Since I find myself obliged…

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