Banking Scam Targets Prisoners and their Families

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Leave it to the banksters to come up with new ways to gouge poor people who are forced to use their services and pay their exorbitant bank charges.

According to Al Jazeera, federal and state prisons are aiding and abetting the latest banking scam by substituting release cards for the cash they owe prisoners and immigrant detainees on their release. The funds on the pre-paid debit cards include cash confiscated at the time of incarceration, the remainder of money sent by family members and scant earnings from prison jobs.

In addition to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 17 states are using them in state prisons. Their use is even more widespread in city and county jails.

Gouging Prisoners with Astronomical Fees

Unlike consumer debit cards, prison-issued cards are unregulated and subject to exorbitant fees.  On reviewing contracts in various states and counties, journalist Amadou Diallo found banks were charging…

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“Ideology, Change and Brexit”

Image: Although the following article deals primarily with what is happening in Britain and the EU, it still applies, overall, to the rest of us as well: Ideology, Change and Brexit Published on Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Before we can understand what's really going on in the world, we have to strip away ideology … Continue reading “Ideology, Change and Brexit”

The FDA Now Officially Belongs to Big Pharma | Alternet

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“Rewriting History”

JFK spoke these words and was immediately and severely dealt with. And lurking behind his assassination were the structural-elite powers; and in particular, the banking-cartel criminals: Rewriting History In wars, there are generally two sides and it is commonly understood that history is written by the victors but most people are ignorant of the role … Continue reading “Rewriting History”

“Watch A Rare Moment Of Truth As MEP Explains Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam”

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Tales from the Conspiratum

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Ralph Nader: “If and when Bernie Sanders is brought down by the very party he is championing, the millions of Bernie supporters, especially young voters, will have to consider breaking off into a new political party that will make American history. That means dissolving the dictatorial two-party duopoly and its ruinous, unpatriotic, democracy-destroying corporate paymasters.”

lluminati Exposed (This is the resistance)

Source:Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance)

WE the People

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Any 5 year-old would get this. A vote for any of these evil scum bags is a vote against humanity. Hell awaits the sheeple for allowing this evil to spread.

The Other 98%



Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance)

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Depopulation Agenda is the Only Explanation why Expensive Mainstream Medicine is Lethal

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Depopulation Agenda is the Only Explanation why Expensive Mainstream Medicine is Lethal | Covert Geopolitics

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When anybody doing a research on the multiple attacks against the human body, be it through our drinking water, supposedly breathable air, or even within the pseudo healthcare medical industry itself, the answers would then lead us to our initial conclusion that this is only about economics, or capitalism in general, i.e.:

  • Companies’ main concern is the bottom-line, i.e just want to extract as much profit as possible, in order to survive the competition;

But, when the researcher begins to consider the following readily observable facts:

  • Public services are not only unsatisfactory but is outright deadly, e.g. lead poisoning is not only happening in Flint, Michigan, but is far more widespread than the media would like to entertain [here];
  • Government regulators adapting a…

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