Kind is the New Cool

I do so hope that this is happening everywhere!

Desultory Heroics


By Charles Eisenstein

Source: A New and Ancient Story

When I was in high school, I remember social banter consisting of a lot of subtle put-downs and one-upsmanship. The popular kids were generally not very nice, certainly not to us unpopular kids but not even to each other. I remember a few popular kids being nice to me on the sly, but in group settings even those nice ones would join in the dominating behavior, or, at best, surreptitiously divert attention away from the victims. If they were overtly kind, they risked being grouped in with the losers. Social status came from winning, from dominating. Kindness was a recessive gene in the social DNA.

Until recently, I thought this is just how teenagehood is in our culture. Not that kids are inherently cruel, but that deeply entrenched social conditions cast the majority into a state of insecurity from which…

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“Bully Boy and His Soft-Soap Savior”

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Center for a Stateless Society » Indiana Prosecutor Helps Put a Face to Prisons

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Tube-hillary-noir heading


Now that “their” election cycle has been cycling for some time we have all been treated to a third rate reality show.

We’ve had all the envies, enough to even have the Bible blush,: hair, penis size, vaginas, hand size, intelligence (and lack of it as well).

Yeah …….. these people (using the term loosely here) are the cream of “our” American Dream-crop!

Let Tubularsock take up the pesticide spray in his large, very large hands. The locust must be tamed!

Now the easiest target is Plump-Trump. Hate is the call and it has even brought out the worm rats in all parts of the country. His followers don’t think.

They react!

Just like Plumb-Trump.

Everything is simple for Plump-Trump and his followers. Really. It is the “true American Spirit”, fear of the foreign. And if it’s not like “you” you have to kill it, torture…

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