“The Punisher”

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“Freedom exists when you learn to listen to your Higher Self.”

The Punisher

By freefall
Contributor, ZenGardner.com

One of the most amazing things about waking up is beginning to understand that virtually everything you were taught to believe is not only untrue but often the exact opposite of what you thought it was.

Take religion for instance. Do you still believe that god is constantly judging you and waiting to punish you for noncompliance to his edicts? Who taught you to believe that?

When beginning to question the authenticity of this point of view, you start to realize that you have been denied a perspective that has nothing to do with the nonsensical narrative in which your mind has been herded. Through your intention and pursuit of discovering the truth for yourself, you begin to feel the love that this Source has for you and you just want to get closer to it. And that’s not going to happen if you continue to believe that this same Source sees you as an inferior that deserves punishment. It’s also a big reason why those in government are getting away with doing the same thing.

But for those who continue to progress, you reach a point where you are no longer living your life based upon fear of punishment or anything else but your primary goal is about getting closer to the Source. Consciously seeking the Light is an entirely different mindset than avoiding punishment for not following commands.

The more you commit to this way of life, the less you want to compromise yourself, which you’ve learned through experience only increases this separation between mind and spirit.

Unfortunately, most people live some sort of half-assed existence (quiet desperation) as they never make a conscious choice as to what to seek because they are so far gone that they don’t even know the difference. I mean, if you don’t have anything to brace yourself against, you’re going to get washed downstream to the sea of mediocrity. And mediocrity stands for nothing.

Due to endless wars for the past 15 years, American society has degenerated into some sort of perverse militaristic hierarchical system. I suppose that it’s always been that way, but it seems to be even worse now. The job is constantly held over the head of any employee who does not go along with the chain-of-command programming. The same holds true with the educational system, where Classical and Operant conditioning holds sway with a little help from chemical compliance if the kids go against the training.

Those with the right disposition and having embraced this doctrine of compliance become government enforcers. Not only are many if not most cops coming off the battlefields after being used as fodder for Israel’s wars of expansion, but also upon returning home, they receive IDF instruction in order to reinforce their previous training that is now to be used upon their own people. I’ve even known of judges that were holding court in the Middle East only to come back and treat everyone around them as someone inferior in rank-especially the “civilians.”

How do you like it America? Is not this system we are now under representative of the same sort of behavior as the god most of you serve?

If you don’t feel the conflict of this mentality and the sick world that springs from it by now, I doubt you ever will. This article is not for you. Go on punishing yourself and others in the name of your god-of-war which is a big reason why you are so easily duped into supporting and/or serving in them. Feel good about your self-flagellation and the destruction of the planet. Here’s hoping that Jesus will lift you up before you make it worse.

Whatever the Source of truth may be, it waits for you. It waits for you to begin questioning what you have been told by the masses to be true.

Freedom exists when you learn to listen to your Higher Self.

Source: The Punisher – Zen Gardner