Help, I’m In The Rabbit-Hole

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But The Shit Won't Quit

A facebook friend, coincidentally also an actual friend, shared the following video to their page thing the other day, and so I watched it, being the sucker for a good conspiracy theory that I am.  Now I’m submerged in the 9/11 ‘research quagmire’, again…

Should probably check if this clip has been debunked, but if you watch this while thinking “everything we know is wrong, and everything is fake”, well, don’t say I didn’t mention the rabbit-hole, and don’t blame me when you’re up well after 3a.m., skilfully dodging the reptilian shape-shifting world domination conspiracy sites in search of more ‘proof’ that 9/11 was just about the biggest heist/hoax/joke on all of us in recorded history.

Oops, where’d the wing go?  Where’s all the bits of plane falling down the face of the tower?  None of this shit adds up.

To help you squeeze yourself down into the warren, here’s…

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Center for a Stateless Society » People Make Things — Not Corporations, Not Government

Image: We the individuals have the imagination, we are the creators, while the elite-swine rape, pillage and steal all the credit and profit: People Make Things — Not Corporations, Not Government Kevin Carson | @KevinCarson1 On Facebook, Doug Henwood — author of Wall Street and editor of the Left Business Observer — recently pointed … Continue reading Center for a Stateless Society » People Make Things — Not Corporations, Not Government

Center for a Stateless Society » Open Borders Day — 2016

Image: The earth belongs to every single human being that has ever lived, or will ever live. It is time we the individuals take back the planet that belongs to all of us, and the flora and fauna, and erase all the borders that have been drawn to make the few wealthy and powerful, … Continue reading Center for a Stateless Society » Open Borders Day — 2016

I Am Not A Shell Of A Human Lacking Humanity!


no humanity

Strong hands rest on gently rounded hips,
smooth dark skin and thick, full lips.
Tightly curled hair, my crowning glory;
a picture perfect, wordless story.

Sculpted features, carved by time,
upon my face, not one wrinkle or line.
Legs that stand firm to bear my weight,
and a Teflon coating that repels all hate.

Torn from Africa and brought to these shores,
compared and found lacking to pale-skinned whores.
Desire in the eyes of sickly white men,
with fetid breath and wreaking of gin.

Sent to the fields and whipped every day,
trying to understand why I’m treated this way.
No hope of returning to the home that I loved.
I’m poked and prodded, pushed and shoved.

Stripped and sold and draped in chains,
told that I’m an animal and that I have no brains.
Am I a beast of burden or the white man’s slave?
To him, I am…

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The Federal Reserve and the Global Fracture

Desultory Heroics

Octopus 1912An Interview with Finnish Journalist Antti J. Ronkainen

Michael Hudson

Source: The Unz Review

Antti J. Ronkainen: The Federal Reserve is the most significant central bank in the world. How does it contribute to the domestic policy of the United States?

Michael Hudson: The Federal Reserve supports the status quo. It would not want to create a crisis before the election. Today it is part of the Democratic Party’s re-election campaign, and its job is to serve Hillary Clinton’s campaign contributors on Wall Street. It is trying to spur recovery by resuming its Bubble Economy subsidy for Wall Street, not by supporting the industrial economy. What the economy needs is a debt writedown, not more debt leveraging such as Quantitative Easing has aimed to promote. But the Fed is in a state of denial that the U.S. and European economies are plagued by debt deflation.

The Fed uses only one…

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