“Who Started Two World Wars?”

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Take some of your time and watch/read the two slide-show presentations in the following article, and you will begin to understand who was really responsible for world war one and world war two. And it wasn’t the German government, the German people, the Kaiser or Hitler. It was France in league with England and the U.S. corporation, with the backing of the European/American, Zionist banking-cartel, that were responsible.

The same Zionist/Western powers are still waging war all over the world, and for the very same reason; so a tiny minority of greed and power driven psychopaths can rule the world:

Who started two world wars?

Published on Sunday, 20 March 2016 13:12

Anyone brought up in Britain, during and after the war, has been regaled with tales of the Blitz and the evils of Hitler’s Nazis. War comics, Hollywood and TV fed Anglo-Americans a diet of anti-German propaganda in which words such as bosche, kraut and square-head were used (often preceded by unflattering adjectives such as filthy, murderous etc.) to make it clear who started the war and perpetrated acts of great evil. But as everybody knows, history, at least as taught in the Structural Elite controlled education system and media, is written by the victors and in the case of the second world war, by one of the major protagonists, Winston Churchill. Daily Pickings has referred previously to some of Churchill’s more colourful, belligerent quotations revealing his determination to “crush” Germany to remove the potential threat to Anglo-American and banking hegemony.

Fortunately, some historians have done the legwork to explore official documents and contemporaneous accounts of the lead up to both world wars to provide a clearer picture of who was to blame for both the first and second world wars. Churchill was a key figure in the run up to both and, together with the Anglo-American banking elite, was instrumental in ensuring peace, which both the Kaiser and Hitler sought to maintain, was shattered along with much of Europe and principally Germany. Nick Kollerstrom gave a talk in London recently and provided numerous references to substantiate the claim that, far from being the instigator of two world wars, Germany was the primary victim and was “framed” for both.

The first part illustrates who was calling for war in the run up to World War I and that plans were laid well in advance of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Through a series of pacts, alliances and commitments to mutual “defence”, Germany became ensnared in a war not of its own making.

Slides for the first part of Nick’s presentation: How Britain initiated two world wars

US Col. Edward Mandell House
Docherty & McGregor: Hidden History
Bertrand Russell
New York Times: ‘William II, King of Prussia and German Emperor, Kaiser 25 years a ruler, hailed as chief peacemaker’, 8 June 1913
Margot Asquith’s diary, January 1915
Hugh Martin: Battle, the Life-story of the Rt Hon. Winston Churchill
Adam Hochschild: To End All Wars
Henry Elmer Barnes: The Genesis of the World War
Patrick Buchanan: The Unnecessary War
HG Wells
E.D. Morel: Truth and the War
The Earl Lorenburn: How the War Came
Rudolf Steiner: The Karma of Untruthfulness
Bernard Shaw
Stewart Ross: Propaganda for War
Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf
Richard Milton: Best of Enemies

The humiliating peace terms, to which Germany was subjected at Versailles, were a continuation of the policy to emasculate a major threat to Structural Elite hegemony led by banking interests and dominated by the Rothschild family (see Docherty & McGregor: Hidden History). The 1919 Treaty of Versailles laid the foundations for the second world war and the rise of Adolf Hitler who rose to power because of the continuing humiliation of the German people. Reassertion of Germany’s sovereignty under Hitler was not to be permitted by the same banking elites and their intent was made clear in Churchill’s words of 1936: “Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.”

Slides for the second part of Nick’s presentation: How Britain initiated two world wars

1936: ‘Bomber Command’ comes into existence, and long-range bomber planes start to be constructed. Its purpose was candidly described by J.M.Spaight of the Air Ministry: ‘The whole raison d’etre of Bomber Command was to bomb Germany should she be our enemy.’ So, those who wanted war started planning for it.

Max Hastings: Bomber Command
Tory MP Captain Archibald Ramsay: The Nameless War
Fish, H., FDR: The Other Side of the Coin
AJP Taylor: Origin of 2nd World War
David Irving: Hitler’s War and The Warpath
Captain R. Grenfell: Unconditional Hatred, German War guilt and the Future of Europe
Richard Milton, Best of Enemies
Sir Basil Liddell Hart: The Revolution in Warfare and History of the 2nd World War
Emrys Hughes: Winston Churchill – His Career in War and Peace
Patrick Buchanan: The Unnecessary War
J.M. Spaight: Bombing Vindicated
Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf
David Irving video: ‘Churchill’s War’
Professor Arthur Butz: The Hoax of the 20th Century
Martin Allen: Himmler’s Secret War
Dr Wesserle: The Journal of Historical Review

Re-evaluation of both the first and second world wars, in the public psyche, is long overdue because our distorted view of history is clouding our perception of current wars and geopolitics. We need to learn that all wars are bankers wars; there is no such thing as a “good war”. The wars of the 21st century are undoubtedly being fought for the interests of the Structural Elite and all the wars of the previous century were similarly contrived to benefit them. It is fair to say the poor and the ignorant fight the wars of the rich and both world wars of the 20th century were no exception.

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