Terror War On You – Official Trailer 2016 (2:44)

Terror War On You - Official Trailer 2016 By Deek Jackson YouTube satirist Deek Jackson makes a hilarious and oh so true parody about the war on terror. The war on terror is really a terror war on you, and it always has been. Visit DeekJackson.com Source: Terror War On You - Official Trailer 2016

“Control Money, Control the World”

Image: http://www.azquotes.com It's coming soon, the day when the last dollar and pocket full of change will disappear, and all that we the individuals will be left with is digital money. And when this day comes, we will all be controlled, in every way possible, by the Zionist psychopaths in power: Control Money, Control the … Continue reading “Control Money, Control the World”

“Kingmaker Nation”

Image: whatsupic.com Zionist Israel: the rogue-state behind the curtain! Kingmaker nation Published on Monday, 21 March 2016 Zionist/Israeli influence over, and intervention in, US and UK politics is well documented; its pernicious influence has spread into Canada and the European Union. While populations of these countries express their outrage at the treatment of Palestinians through … Continue reading “Kingmaker Nation”

“Is Rothschild the Richest and Most Powerful Family on the Planet?”

Image: skeptoid.com Here is the real power behind every throne in Europe and America: Is Rothschild the richest and most powerful family on the planet? Published on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 Nathan Rothschild's "coup" in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo relied on his intelligence network and existing wealth to buy up huge … Continue reading “Is Rothschild the Richest and Most Powerful Family on the Planet?”

Depopulation test Run?: 75% of children in Chiapas Mexico town killed by vaccines

Pulp (Non) Fiction


Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent 37 more to the hospital with serious reactions to toxic vaccine additives.

“…14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition,” the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement via Latino.FoxNews.com.

What’s especially alarming is that only 52 children were vaccinated in all, meaning that 75% of those receiving the vaccines are now either dead or hospitalized.

The vaccines were administered by theMexican Social Security Institute, known as IMSS. The IMSS confirmed the deadly reactions occurred after children received injections of vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B — the same viral strains targeted by vaccines routinely administered to children…

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