“The Cowards’ Wars”

Image: truththeory.com “Order followers are the people that keep the system of slavery in place.” - Mark Passio The following article sums up, nicely, the current state of America and the West: the U.S. Corporation and NATO nations initiate and fight "the cowards' wars:" The Cowards’ Wars by LUCIANA BOHNE As flies to wanton boys … Continue reading “The Cowards’ Wars”

“Technology, Tricks and Terror”

Image: http://cdn.meme.am It is time we face the fact that we are being bamboozled by this government and its media, 24/7/365: Technology, Tricks and Terror Published on Sunday, 03 April 2016 It used to be said, "with pen and paper you can make a mistake but with a computer, you can screw up in spades". … Continue reading “Technology, Tricks and Terror”