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“Death by Ecocide”

Image: The following article describes what is taking place in Canada. But these same criminal actions, these same crimes against humanity, are taking place all over the world. Darwinism/Eugenics is alive and well and being used by the structural-elite to depopulate the plant of people like you and me. And If the majority of … Continue reading “Death by Ecocide”

“Is There A New World Order Game Plan?”

Image: We the individuals have been raised up to be an "inferior class", which exists, solely, to serve the "superior class". We are nothing more than "steaks" and "beasts of burden", in the inbred-warped minds of the structural-elite. We exist to be used to create a new world order, and then be discarded, just … Continue reading “Is There A New World Order Game Plan?”

Lithium-ion Batteries: Tech Boom Fueled By 40,000 Congolese Child Miners — Mnar Muhawesh | Mint Press News | Global Research

Taking Sides

Global Research , April 08, 2016

Mint Press News 6 April 2016
Children at the Lokutu landing on the Congo River Photo by GRAIN

A recent Amnesty International report sounded the alarm on a “blood mineral” mined by Congolese children as young as seven and used in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries found in laptops, smartphones and even electric cars.

The mineral is cobalt, and more than half of the world’s supply comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, including at least 20 percent which is mined by so-called “artisanal miners” in the southern part of the country. The report, titled “This Is What We Die For,” explains the conditions these miners work in:

“These artisanal miners, referred to as ‘creuseurs’ in the DRC, mine by hand using the most basic tools to dig out rocks from tunnels deep underground. Artisanal miners include children as young as seven who scavenge for rocks containing cobalt in the discarded by-products of…

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