“Terror is a Profit Centre”

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State-sponsored terrorism, or false-flag after false-flag event leading to more war, has become the primary industry of the west, since it can produce nothing else but death and destruction. While millions upon millions of poor, innocent people, worldwide, suffer and die at the hands of the Western/Israeli Imperialists, the Zionist banking cartel continues to gain more and more wealth and power:

Terror is a Profit Centre

Published on Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sibel Edmonds has been following the money involved in recent conflicts and in state sponsored terrorism.

Pakistan is not alone in profiting from terror: Russia, US, UK, NATO and Israel have made $billions from ISIS, created, armed and supported by Israel, US, UK, NATO, Turkey and the gulf oil states.

Synthetic wars follow synthetic terror events, ie. false flags. Perpetual terrorism is now claimed as the reality and is justification for perpetual war; together they provide perpetual, escalating profits. With the global economy flat-lining, the business of terror is a means to drive economic recovery in Europe but such a recovery won’t benefit the people of Europe, only the arms and security companies, the banks and of course, the Structural Elite.

9/11 initiated the explosion of the military-intelligence-security industry which has become the primary focus of government spending of our taxes globally. In simple terms, it is a protection racket; the Mafia would demand protection money from businesses and if they didn’t pay, the businesses would be attacked. In the terror paradigm, protection is a game of perpetual Russian roulette: seemingly random terror events are used to instill fear; the fear is then played on to justify state sponsored extortion. Until people are prepared to accept the reality of 9/11 and subsequent false flag terror attacks, the decline into totalitarian subjugation will continue.

And of course Pakistan’s ISI was implicated in 9/11. Intelligence services collude globally and have incestuous relationships with the Rothschild led banking cartel. Understanding precedes the cure for this madness – everything is connected. If we take away the power of the banks, the ability to foment terror and war is removed.

Source: Terror is a profit centre