“The Most Important Lesson”

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“Representative government is nothing but a carefully crafted con-game!”

The Most Important Lesson

Published on Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The key to understanding the current political economy and the many problems in the world is knowing where power lies. So much energy, emotion and effort is dissipated in focusing on the wrong targets; we need to deal with the “organ grinder” not the organ grinder’s monkeys, ie. the hired help or elevated cattle. This interview with Joe Plummer teaches one of the most important lessons we can learn, where does ultimate power lie?

“Representative government is nothing but a carefully crafted con-game!”

Tragedy and Hope was written by Carroll Quigley, a serious academic who had access to the innermost workings of the “Network” or Structural Elite. Quigley’s book contains 1300 pages of dense, dry text which is hard going for even the most dedicated student. What Joe has done in Tragedy and Hope 101 is extract the 5% of really important information and laid it out for easy access. What’s more, the book is not only available in printed and Kindle form but is free to read online:

Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joe Plummer

From the introduction by G. Edward Griffin: If you have ever watched an illusionist perform up-close magic, you know the power of misdirection and sleight-of-hand. Even in a room full of suspicious and attentive observers, the illusionist can fool them all. By exploiting known weaknesses in the human mind and employing his tools of the trade, he will deceive the crowd whether it wants to be deceived or not.
Imagine what an equally talented “network” of political illusionists can accomplish. Performing before an audience of mostly trusting and casual observers, exploiting known weaknesses in the human mind, and employing their tools of the trade, they, too, will deceive the crowd whether it wants to be deceived or not.
Having spent nearly sixty years of my life researching and writing about the illusionists who control our world, I can say without reservation that you are about to learn some of their closest-held secrets. Joe has done an outstanding job of weeding through Carroll Quigley’s book, Tragedy & Hope. He has captured the essence of what Quigley referred to as “the Network” and made this important information accessible to the average person who simply doesn’t have time to read a 1,300-page history book. Even for those who intend to read the entire volume, Joe has created an introduction and study guide that will serve the serious student well.

Knowledge of who Carroll Quigley was and the deceptions that he revealed is essential for understanding the real world of today. His close relationship with the Network and his approval of its aims made it possible to provide an insider’s analysis of the minds and methods of the global elite. Without this knowledge, the actions of those who dominate the U.S. government and the Western world do not make sense. With it, everything falls into place.

Be forewarned. The journey you are about to begin is not for the faint hearted. If you are comfortable with the illusions that currently pass for political reality, this book is not for you because, once you discover how the deceivers perform their magic, the comfort of ignorance is no longer possible. Once the bell is rung, it cannot be unrung.

Once where power lies is widely understood, we’re on our way to creating a just and free political economy. Buy the book or read it online, share it with your neighbours, friends and family. If you’re searching for that elusive gift, what better present can you give than understanding which will transform lives and our future?

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