“No Rewards for Truth”

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Why is it that, after all the lies we have been fed, we still have a tendency to listen to those in “authority” instead of those attempting to reveal the truth?

No Rewards for Truth

Published on Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Who enjoys the greatest rewards in terms of power, status and material wealth? Is it the truth tellers or the liars?

The answer to this question is in yesterday’s Daily Pickings – the political economy has evolved to empower and enrich liars, fraudsters and psychopaths. It is the system which determines behaviour of “leaders” who, in reality, are nothing of the sort – they don’t lead, they take orders, not always directly but, often unwittingly, they are manipulated into implementing the will of the Structural Elite. There are many examples in Tragedy and Hope 101 but Chapter 3 explains one of the most important episodes in the history of the modern world: how the 1912 US presidential election was orchestrated to ensure the introduction of income tax and the Rothschild controlled US central bank, the Federal Reserve Board (Fed). This was the springboard for global domination.

The Network “Recovers” America (Chapter 3 Tragedy and Hope 101)

Political campaigns today are all sideshows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the public scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platform…and selling the public these ideas and products.

We are facing an evolutionary choice: if we continue on the current flawed trajectory, of financialised technocracy, the spiral into collapse of civilisation will continue. Or we can think differently about how we organise ourselves to open up new possibilities and opportunities for freedom and prosperity.

The Structural Elite imposed financial technocracy has evolved from the flaws in the current political economy. The original flaw was the emergence of hierarchy at the point of surplus which started the process of domination of humans, initially by force, then by coercion and today by conditioning. It was the control of land and money while denying people the means to life which gave the Structural Elite their power.

They’ve built a system, particularly since the takeover of America at the beginning of the 20th century, in which only their narratives are valid. The domination of academia began with the creation of a university at Oxford nearly 1,000 years ago and is prevalent today across the educational establishment which is why lies and fallacies prevail.

Power Behind the Throne (Chapter 2 Tragedy and Hope 101)

And so, to protect the profits of Britain’s imperial policies, the rhetoric used to justify imperialism slowly began to change. One man, appointed to a newly created professorship at Oxford, led the charge in teaching Oxford undergraduates the “new imperialism.”

The next time you hear the label “conspiracy theory” applied to truth, you’ll know why. Because it is the lies which have the blessing of the academic establishment. Truth tellers are not rewarded in the current paradigm but are ignored, ridiculed, ostracised, banished or even killed.

So while we’re constrained within our officially sanctioned debate about “limits to growth”, we’re denied the opportunity to forge a new evolutionary path to a future of freedom and prosperity in a world of abundance. Such a future is possible but as long as we comply with a system which rewards liars and gives misplaced credit to individuals, we’re are doomed to follow the trajectory of decline.

If we ignore what the system sanctions and listen to the truth tellers, we may just make the essential evolutionary change in direction.

Just remember: in an insane world it is the sane who appear insane.

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