“Haiti: UN Peacekeeping Victim”

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The United Nations: helping to spread famine, disease and war all around the globe, the New World Order’s ace in the hole:

Haiti: UN Peacekeeping Victim

Published on Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The UN, like every other supranational body such as the EU, is a lever of power controlled by the Structural Elite. UN “Peacekeepers” are deployed to implement the will of the Structural Elite by inserting and supporting rulers prepared to do their bidding.

There are numerous stories of UN peacekeeping failures such as in Rwanda but Haitians have been particularly badly served by the UN.

The Killer Hiding in the CDC Map

To understand what’s so insane about it, you need to know a little about two of the maps in that image and the CDC’s history with the epidemic.

The main part of the map, that pink-and-red mass that looks like a crab claw, is Haiti. Specifically, it is Haiti at the height of the worst cholera epidemic in recent history, an incredible scourge that by official count has killed at least 9,265 people and sickened 775,000 people in that country alone—figures that many experts believe are wild underestimates. Even though this map is just a snapshot from early January 2011, less than three months into an epidemic that has now been raging nearly six years, you’ll note that already not a single part of the country has been left untouched. (The red areas are home to 25,000 cases or more; the pale pink areas, at least 1,000.) By then, the disease had already spread into the neighboring Dominican Republic and would soon be in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and other parts of the region.

One of the several key facts this map fails to note is that three months earlier there had been zero diagnosed cases of cholera in Haiti. In fact, there had never been a diagnosed case of the disease in that country before. More on that in a bit.

Cholera in Haiti may not have been intentional but clearly it has devastated this small country which has been the victim of external interference for decades, most recently with the overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the removal of thousands of other elected officials in 2004 and the subsequent “UN stabilisation mission”.

Canada’s Military Role in Haiti’s “UN Stabilization Mission” by Yves Engler

Where Seeking Mainstream Media Attention Leads

Do Black (Haitian) lives matter to Canada’s leading ‘left-wing’ foreign-policy think tank? Apparently not as much as having the corporate media mention their work by getting in bed with militarism disguised as peacekeeping.

The United Nations is no doubt staffed by many sincere, dedicated individuals but they are operating within a corrupt, hierarchical structure which distorts and destroys any pure intent. Every hierarchical institution of power is a tool of the Structural Elite and like NATO, the EU and many other supranational organisations, the UN is another component of the machinery to achieve one world government.

The UN is not serving the interests of any of its victims but those of the Rothschild led Structural Elite.

Source: Haiti: UN peacekeeping victim


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  1. Yes, it would be nice to know there is an organization, at this level, looking out for all of humanity and the planet. But unfortunately, there is not!


  2. What I have always found troubling about these claims is that the vibrio cholera organism which causes cholera is ubiquitous. This means that whenever a natural disaster or economic crisis deprives people of access to clean water, people will get cholera. It also tends to be carried in shellfish when there is an increase in water salinity. This has resulted in several recent outbreaks on the East Coast of the US.

    I suspect this is another instance in which scientists are bending the truth for political reasons.

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