What Really Matters?

Desultory Heroics


By Zen Gardner

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It’s amazing how the big questions in life are pushed to the end of the line. Sure everyone wonders about the “big stuff” on and off, but their lives are too preoccupied with other issues that they’ve been told are more pressing and important – when it’s nothing of the sort.

This applies directly to the on-going awakening and how to put our best foot forward in times like these. How best can we be used to effect change? What is the most productive and effective course of action in our personal lives?

With everything at stake at this crucial juncture in history these questions become profoundly important. And the answers just may surprise each of us.

The Preparation

I can guarantee that any real truth seeker is facing a lot of personal challenges at this time. It may be health issues, relationship challenges and…

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“Forgotten Native American Women Warriors in American History”

Image: http://www.zengardner.com History, in general, has been distorted to favor the European imperialists' perspective/agendas. The history we the individuals have been indoctrinated with, and American history, in particular, should be tossed out with the rest of the garbage: Forgotten Native American Women Warriors in American History JuanMatus When the Europeans first began arriving on this … Continue reading “Forgotten Native American Women Warriors in American History”

Center for a Stateless Society » National Review Unironically Attacks Racists

Image: static1.squarespace.com Politicians, whether right, middle or left, are all wolves in sheep's clothing! National Review Unironically Attacks Racists Nick Oltmann The rise of Donald Trump has led to a growing interest in what is generally called the “alternative right” in the United States — a group that could be more simply labeled “literate racists.” … Continue reading Center for a Stateless Society » National Review Unironically Attacks Racists



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You remember the old adage, “You don’t get something for nothing”, right? And in today’s world you don’t even get something for something! Whether it’s job numbers or economic growth it is all a shimmer, an imaginary glow built on shifting sand. And as often than not your castle will take a hit if not fall down completely.

So you listen to the predictions and the forecasts and you think that you are “in the know” BUT the lie is deep and the entire monetary system is just an agreement. It is NOTHING or EVERYTHING by agreement.

That is why you don’t have a chance ……. you can save and end up with nothing, you can spend and end up with nothing, and you can go deeply in debt and end up with nothing. Pretty much it’s NOTHING!

You see we have been trained to believe that having something is…

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Why US Government And Saudi Arabia Don’t Want Americans Knowing The Truth About 9/11

Concerned American Dad

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Reality Check: Saudi Arabia Terrified of Release of “28 Pages” in 9/11 Report

The video below further explains why both Saudi Arabia and members of the U.S. government don’t want the 9/11 bill to pass:

In a rare show of bipartisanship, President Obama and top Republicans in Congress have come together to shield Americans from knowing the truth about who was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, which took the lives of 2996 people in 2001. However strange it is for neoconservative members of Congress to agree with Obama on anything, there is no doubt the issue must be serious if it warrants this level of partnership.

The issue at hand is the classified, 28-page section of the 9/11 commission reportwhich many experts and politicians with knowledge of the documents have said point to Saudi Arabian government officials’ direct role in the terror attacks. This…

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