A Felon for President – Eugene V. Debs

Want to read about a real hero, a man who cared about someone other than himself, and was willing to lay down his freedom and life for his convictions?

Then read the following:



Eugene V. Debs was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1855 to prosperous immigrant parents from Alsace, France.  He attended public schools, dropping out at 14 to take a job on the Vandalia Railroad cleaning grease from freight engines for .50 cents a day.

In December 1871, when a drunken locomotive fireman failed to report for work, Debs was pressed into service as a night fireman. He decided to remain a fireman on the run between Terre Haute and Indianapolis, earning more than a dollar a night for the next three and half years.

In 1875 he joined the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen; it was the beginning of a life time of labor and union activism.  In 1893, Debs organized one of the first industrial unions in the United States, the American Railway Union (ARU), for unskilled workers. The Union successfully struck the Great Northern Railway in April 1894, winning…

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