“FDA Commissioner’s Parents Led Eugenics Society, Father was Carnegie President”

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As I’ve written many times before, eugenics is alive and well in America and the rest of the world. And it’s twisted, genocidal doctrines are being used (by the structural elite) to depopulate the planet of those of us who do not meet its monstrously racist requirements for being allowed to live.

The Carnegie, Rockefeller and Ford families, along with others of the American “upper class” (the plutocracy), were responsible for the establishment of the American Eugenics Society; which would ultimately come to play a major role as adviser to Adolph Hitler’s henchmen (see here).

“Genetics” is a euphemism for eugenics:

FDA Commissioner’s Parents Led Eugenics Society, Father Was Carnegie President

By Cassius Kamarampi

Daughter of two American Eugenics Society directors, with a Carnegie Corporation President father, departing FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg seemed to inherit her position.

To keep pharmaceutical drugs regulated to a minimum, ensure that children as young as three can take amphetamine (Adderall), to ensure that the mercury containing amalgam dental fillings from her former corporation Henry Schein Associates remained in use, Margaret Hamburg was FDA Commissioner from 2009- 2015.

This video explores the connections between population control affiliated elite individuals, and the FDA, who allow countless toxic chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs to pass through the broken bureaucratic filter for greed at best, and some shadowy doctrine of eugenics at worst.

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Source: FDA Commissioner’s Parents Led Eugenics Society, Father was Carnegie President


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