Aleppo: US NATO False Flags, Lies and Propaganda

“A “No Bomb Zone”, just another label for a “No Fly Zone” that is a euphemism for the wholesale US NATO destruction of a sovereign nation.”

The Wall Will Fall

4th May 2016

21stCenturyWire  [Re-published in Mint Press]

In the aftermath of the horrific US NATO terrorist attacks on the Syrian government held areas of Aleppo, the possibility of the alleged attack on what is effectively a terrorist temporary triage hospital, being a false flag, is revealing itself. 

There are no official MSF hospitals in Syria.  There are however MSF “supported” hospitals that have been erected or installed in buildings within terrorist held territory.  These field shelters and temporary installations are illegally inside Syria without permission from the legitimate Syrian government. These hospitals are often staffed by the US and UK government funded White Helmets who themselves are affiliated with Al Nusra [Al Qaeda] and ensconced in ISIS held areas.

21st Century Wire report: Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception

Dr Al Jaafari, Syrian permanent representative at the UN makes this point very clearly…

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