ClubOrlov: The Voting Delusion


In my opinion, not only is voting a waste of one’s time in America, but the very act of voting amounts to nothing more than actively taking part in and supporting the structural elites’ despotic, criminal agendas; which are all seeking our further enslavement and destruction:

The Voting Delusion

This November, I heartily encourage all Americans to exercise their civic duty by going to the polls and voting for one of the dignified Presidential candidates that have amazed us this election cycle with their wisdom and compassion… not!

Unfortunately, this is not a laughing matter. A large segment of the U.S. population is now very aware of the fact that our political and economic systems have become totally corrupt. And yet these knowledgeable people still cling to the delusion that this tragic state of affairs can be changed by voting.

Every once in a while I gently attempt to discuss this topic in “polite company.” It is astonishing how ferociously these “polite” people defend the myth of the ballot box. And so I will try to disabuse these well-meaning citizens from this idealistic concept, which has been relentlessly programmed into us since grammar school. I assure you that I received the same brainwashing, and I once believed in the power and nobility of casting ballots. And indeed, voting probably did “make a difference” at one time.

But the world of power politics has changed drastically. I contend that voting is not just meaningless in our present situation, but that it is actually harmful. That is a pretty bold and provocative statement, but I will now do my best to defend this contrarian belief. I will attempt to do so in a concise but comprehensive manner.

· WHO ENCOURAGES YOU TO VOTE? – Is it the factory worker who lost his job due to NAFTA? Is it the college graduate with $25,000 in student debt and a job at Starbucks? Is it the Senior Citizen spending their supposed Golden Years working as a Walmart Greeter?

No, the voices championing the sanctity of voting are the politicians, who benefit so obscenely from the status quo. They know that the ordinary person is struggling more and more just to get by. And so these Malignant Overlords cynically reinforce the deception that citizens can control their destiny by voting. They make glorious speeches about the power of the ballot box, while knowing full well that they are just shoveling bull feces.

· THE INCUMBENTCY PARADOX – Here is a perfect example of how broken the election system is. The job satisfaction ratings for Congress are justifiably pathetic. Most surveys have them at the 10 to 20% approval level. And yet the vast majority of these incumbents get re-elected. How does this happen? The answer is relatively simple. Money. Only rich people, or those willing to sell their souls to rich people, can afford the insane costs of campaigns these days. Regular people are essentially locked out of running for office. How many school teachers or welders are there in the Senate these days?

· THE TWO PARTY MONOPOLY – The Democratic and Republican Machines – oops, I meant Parties – make it nearly impossible for a third party candidate to run for high office. It starts with the gigantic voter registration demands that must be met in every state. Then the unlevel playing field becomes particularly apparent when an independent candidate is not allowed into the National Circuses – oops, I meant Debates. The media greatly assists in this duopoly by marginalizing any third party candidate as “unelectable.”

· THEY ARE NOT ELECTIONS. THEY ARE SELECTIONS. – The normal person has absolutely no say in who the people in charge will anoint as the designated candidates every four years. So, exactly how much power do the people truly wield if they only get a choice of two candidates who have both been pre-approved by The Malignant Overlords? And of late this choice has boiled down to the lesser of two evils.

And for those who argue that the primary elections express the will of the masses, you are deceiving yourselves in at least three ways. First, almost all of those running in the primaries have already been vetted by the moneyed interests. Second, the concept of Super-delegates makes a mockery of the entire process. And third, as we may witness this year, if those in charge are not happy with the prospective nominee, they will attempt to derail that choice in the backrooms of the convention. The euphemism they use is a “brokered convention.”

· CAMPAIGN LIES – NOT PROMISES – Do you remember, “I will close Guantanamo on my first day in office.” Or how about, “Read my lips…no new taxes.” Anyone who doesn’t realize that candidates will say whatever it takes to get more votes, might want to relocate to the Republic of Pollyanna. But just as the promises are false so are many of the supposed differences between the two parties. Regardless of which party is in power there seems to be very little significant change. The War Machine keeps plodding along. The banksters don’t get prosecuted. Privacy rights keep diminishing, etc. It is almost as though there were invisible players behind the scenes pulling the strings. Oh, wait there are invisible players behind… And these elite untouchables continually pit the regular people against each other as part of their divide and conquer strategy.

· VOTING IS A SEDATIVE – As long as people believe that the ballot box can change things in a positive fashion, then the Malignant Overlords can feel more secure in their power. But if the citizens realize that voting is an exercise in futility, they might opt for more vigorous methods of expressing their displeasure with the status quo. They might chain themselves to the White House fence, or Occupy Langley, or go even further into the realm of wooden shoes and monkey wrenches.

· CITIZENS UNITED IS ACTUALLY CORPORATIONS DELIGHTED – Here is a quick review of the state of American electoral politics. We have a status quo in which only rich people can even run for office. Predictably, they will not represent the interests of The Little Guy, but of the mega-wealthy people who got them elected. Thoroughly enjoying all of the perks that come with high office, these supposed representatives of the people spend an enormous percentage of their time in office raising money for their next election campaign.

The puny attempts at campaign finance reform that were already in place were totally vaporized by the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. (Observe the double-speak here that would make even Orwell proud. What accurately should have been termed Oligarchs United was instead called Citizens United!) This legal decision took the gloves off of the corporations who could now saturate and distort the election process with boxcars full of money and unbelievably slimy TV attack ads.

· eFRAUD – If our elections are such sanctified rites, why is there no paper corroboration of the results? A cynic would claim that it is because such a back-up would reveal the tampering with the electronic balloting. Wander around the alternative media for a while and you will find convincing evidence of ballot counting irregularities. Such high-tech criminality makes the old Chicago mantra of “Vote early and vote often” seem almost quaint.

· I’M VOTING FOR “NOBODY.” – Probably the only tactic that would lure me back to voting would be if they included this option on every ballot: “NONE OF THE ABOVE.” Such a simple change might revolutionize the people’s ability to actually have some real power when they step into the voting booth. Since they will obviously never include this option on a ballot, I suggest a massive boycott. On election day “just don’t go!” If there was a 5% turn-out perhaps that would finally awaken the pundits to the reality of how widespread the discontent is out in the land.

· IS VOTING HARMFUL? – My original contention back at the beginning of this essay was that not only is voting useless, but that it is actually harmful. The reason that it is so detrimental is that it allows those who control us to justify their domination by proclaiming that “we elected them.” As I have tried to convincingly demonstrate, the election process is so bogus and flawed that while a diplomat might call it a charade, a truth-teller would call it a fraud.

And even though politicians claim that they are public servants, I believe that in your heart of hearts you truly understand. You KNOW that they do not “represent” you – they “rule” you!

Ray Jason

Source: ClubOrlov: The Voting Delusion


For those still planning to “take part in the democratic process”, the every four year farce, here is one of the criminal, low-life candidates you’ll have to “choose” from:

Government Insider Reveals Hillary’s Murderous Past | The Most Revolutionary Act


9 thoughts on “ClubOrlov: The Voting Delusion

  1. I agree: a complete waste of time and, indeed, harmful.

    People who bother to vote are only fooling themselves, and therein lies the harm: they’re being abused and unwittingly embrace their abuse, convincing themselves that the ‘elections’ are democratic, that regardless of how bad ‘our’ representatives might be, they really are ‘our’ representatives, since after all we did vote for them.

    But stranger still is that many who know that the game is rigged continue to get caught up in it time and again. Indeed, they are often among the most passionate about who ‘we’ should vote into office. Because it ‘does’ make a difference, somewhere, somehow . . . Why, you just have to dig deep enough into the things for which each representative ‘really’ stands. Usually, of course, the differences are only tactical while the ends remain the same, viz., Sanders contra Hillary on ‘terrorism:’ either way, people in the Middle East are gonna get bombed, just not in the same sequence.

    ‘You go back, Jack, do it again.’

    And again . . . And again . . .

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  2. You wrote,

    “But stranger still is that many who know that the game is rigged continue to get caught up in it time and again.”

    This is what bothers me the most, Norm. I know people whom I respect, and who seem to be as aware of the fraud and corruption as I am, and yet, they continue to be politically active inside of this system, which is rigged to keep people blindly active in the system. It is people’s activism inside this system that feeds/sustains it.

    I can understand the awake and ignorant being taken in, but how can these particular folks continue to be taken in the same way?

    I am all for activism, but it must be outside of this system, it must be opposed to this system, it must be pointed towards putting an end to this system.

    “You go back, Jack, and do it again,” is right, Norm! I have often used the insanity definition quote, by Einstein, to describe this: “Doing the same exact thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

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  3. I think almost everywhere in the world all election systems are wrong. People Wrong politicians wrong politic movements and all lies are waiting the people in front of ballot box. And less people are awere this situation.

    When this minority talk about election systems fault, they put the blame on all politicians. Yes, they are right! But all fault belongs to the politicians? The ignorant people go to the ballot box and they give the politicans wanted. This order are their work. They don’t want to escape from their ignorance, they are happy with their ignorance. If they try al least little bit, politicians and elites are not able to get what they wanted.

    As the great poet Nazim Hikmet said in his poem,

    You’re like a scorpion, my brother,
    you live in cowardly darkness
    like a scorpion.
    You’re like a sparrow, my brother,
    always in a sparrow’s flutter.
    You’re like a clam, my brother,
    closed like a clam, content,
    And you’re frightening, my brother,
    like the mouth of an extinct volcano.
    Not one,
    not five-
    unfortunately, you number millions.
    You’re like a sheep, my brother:
    when the cloaked drover raises his stick,
    you quickly join the flock
    and run, almost proudly, to the slaughterhouse.
    I mean you’re strangest creature on earth-
    even stranger than the fish
    that couldn’t see the ocean for the water.
    And the oppression in this world
    is thanks to you.
    And if we’re hungry, tired, covered with blood,
    and still being crushed like grapes for our wine,
    the fault is yours-
    I can hardly bring myself to say it,
    but most of the fault, my dear brother, is yours.

    I think my dear Earthling friend, there should be a system and this system shouldn’t allow to vote of ignorant people. Maybe my words seem to fascism, but if the world is in a shape like that, most fault belongs to them.

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  4. An important issue, to be sure, Dave. Here’s the email I sent off to the DNC before the primary in Indiana.

    Dear Colleagues,

    I wonder if you realize that things have changed. Bernie Sanders has raised hope among many people – hope that they really can be involved in framing the values of national policies and agendas that directly affect their lives. It’s an exciting message that has mobilized millions of people, including me.

    In the past, I often felt constrained by your choices, voting for the lesser to two evils. But it’s not something I will ever do again.

    Although I doubt that these words will change your obvious commitment throughout the campaign to ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic presidential candidate, I hope you realize it will come at a cost. I’ll vote my progressive values even if it means a Republican win this time around. I know many thousands of others feel the same way.

    This election is not just about who becomes president, it’s also about which values the DNC chooses to stand for – policies for peace and people or continuing policies of corporate control and international oppression. I will no longer vote for a party that has become part of the corporatocracy.

    Of course it’s ridiculous to believe that one person can change a corrupt system, but the hopes of many people have inspired them to become involved and care. Just maybe the 2-party system will break with 2 independent choices, and maybe more humane values will miraculously prevail? In any case, I’d rather write in my choice this time than remain silent.

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  5. Hi, Carol!

    First of all, how is your grandson?

    Thank you for taking the time to send this.

    I’m glad you sent this response to the DNC. But I believe you are right, it will make little difference to them, if it’s even read.

    There are many of us who have come to believe that this system is working just the way it was always intended to work. In other words, this system was set up to function this way, from the beginning. And by system, I mean the entire government/political structure.

    I am in line with Orlov, and many others, on this issue, because we have been sold a lie, the same lie our ancestors have been sold: this is not a representative democracy, except for the elite and powerful few, and it has been this way since its inception.

    Awareness and activism are desperately needed, but I believe it has to be outside of this system, it has to be directed at bringing down this worldwide, tyrannical system.

    I guess I could have made this shorter by saying, I no longer believe in or support this government or any other statist form of government.

    Yes, Bernie was a better choice than Hillary, but not by much. Bernie has supported the military industrial complex just as much as Hillary.

    These candidates really have no choice but to be two faced, it’s either that or no political career.

    Sorry, Carol, but you are the last person I want to be dishonest with.

    This is why I am the popular guy I am!;-)

    Take care, and I hope the editing is going well!

    Thanks again, for sharing this!


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  6. I think (feel) it will take some time for my grandson to accept that things will not ever be “normal” for him again. Until then, I’ll simply let him know I care and I’m here for him.

    And I appreciate your honesty a great deal and your thoughtful arguments. I still feel a sense of obligation to work for incremental solutions to minimize the trauma and violence of sudden changes, like those the residents of Fort McMurray are living through. It is possible for people to make well-reasoned decisions (maybe)…

    I’m still reading Guardo’s trilogy (book 2 of Memory of Fire), messing with gardens that really can’t be planted until the end of May, and taking care of pesky tasks (auto maintenance, vet visits, etc.). Real editing begins tomorrow come rain or shine.

    I send my best wishes.


  7. Carol, I have so many people in my life, at the moment, who are either extremely ill or facing massive other problems, that I wonder, quite often, if there isn’t something much bigger than ourselves at work here. I am sorry that your grandson is having problems dealing with this. But I have confidence that he will learn to adjust, because of the people he has around him, the people who love him and will help him work his way through this initial shock.

    You wrote,

    “I still feel a sense of obligation to work for incremental solutions to minimize the trauma and violence of sudden changes, like those the residents of Fort McMurray are living through. It is possible for people to make well-reasoned decisions (maybe)…”

    Just so you know, I am not for an overt, violent revolution, and for many reasons, first among them being, revolutions have a history of not helping the people. And I also believe there are ways to wage a nonviolent revolution, which amounts to withdrawing (not taking part in), as much as possible, from the system. Or in other words, starve the beast to death and it will die.

    And so I understand what you are saying. And because I know you are a compassionate and aware person, who is much more aware of the workings of the system than I, I would never suggest to you that you should follow my lead.

    Carol, with all the turmoil in my life, my friends’ lives, and the lives of the masses around the world, I am not prepared to state that I, in any way, shape or form, have the answers to any of these age old problems. My favorite phrase is, after stating some of my thoughts, “…I don’t know!”

    I just see suffering, and I have few ways to try to help these people. So I seek to learn, and then spread what I consider to be the truth, in hopes something will work to end the suffering.

    I send my best wishes to you and your family, too!

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