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“It is a sad sight to see those who believe themselves to be revolutionaries unleashing their hatred on the anarchist – just because his views on freedom go beyond their petty and narrow concepts of freedom learned in the State school. And meanwhile, this spectacle is a reality. The fact is that the spirit of voluntary servitude was always cleverly cultivated in the minds of the young, and still is, in order to perpetuate the subjection of the individual to the State.”

Taking Sides

Source: Marxist Internet Archive

You can read the “Translator’s Notes” here.

Note by MIA

When downloaded from certain passages of the text were found to be corrupted. Attempts were made to compare this version with those in other archives but all those we found were similarly corrupted, an indication that all versions stem from the same scanning process. Most of the errors were obvious but in a few cases it was necessary to reconstruct the text consulting the French version available at – these phrases are enclosed in square brackets.

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The State: It’s Historic Role. Peter Kropotkin. 1896

Section I

In taking the State and its historic role as the subject for this study, I think I am satisfying a much felt need at the present time: that of examining in depth the very concept of the State, of studying its essence…

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