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Paul Mattick

What is Communism?


Published: in International Council Correspondence Vol. 1, no.1, October 1934, pp 1-9.
Source:Antonie Pannekoek Archives
Transcribed: by Graham Dyer

Bookkeeping as a control and abstract summary of the economic process,” says Marx, “becomes the more necessary to the extent that the process functions on a social scale and loses its purely individual character. It is, therefore, more necessary in capitalist production than in scattered handicraft and agricultural production, and still more necessary in co-operative than in capitalist production.” This bookkeeping under communism is merely bookkeeping and nothing else. It is the central point of the economic process, but has no power over the producers or the individual enterprises.

In communism, the process of production is no longer a process of capital expansion, but only a labor process in which society draws from nature the means of consumption which it…

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