Intolerance and hatred come in all races, colors and genders, as is exhibited in the following:



Tubularsock is going to relate a story to you that involves Tubularsock. And in truth it is rather “poetic justice” at one level because as you know Tubularsock puts out a lot of attack words toward our political leaders mostly because of the hypocrisy in their words and the injustice and inhumanity of their actions. Usually due to the ideal they say we hold dear and their actions that run counter to those ideals.

Hypocrisy really angers Tubularsock.
So does Intolerance !

My focus here is intolerance.

Years ago Tubularsock was involved with a group of people who were fighting discrimination against Black people in housing. Our group was a mixture of people of different backgrounds all focused on freedom for people/families of any ethnicity to be able to live where they liked.

At a televised city meeting Tubularsock was confronted by a group of the…

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“Lying to Get Elected”

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