Three Poems by Rafeef Ziadah: “We teach life, sir.” / “Hadeel” / “Shades of Anger”

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Hat tip to Eyes on Europe & Middle East News

Rafeef Ziadah – ‘We teach life, sir’, London, 12.11.11

Uploaded on Nov 13, 2011

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RAFEEF ZIADAH is a Canadian-Palestinian spoken word artist and activist. Her debut CD Hadeel is dedicated to Palestinian youth, who still fly kites in the face of F16 bombers, who still remember the names if their villages in Palestine and still hear the sound of Hadeel (cooing of doves) over Gaza.

HADEEL by Rafeef Ziadah

Published on Nov 23, 2012

Allow me to share with you our new and important spoken word video HADEEL by Rafeef Ziadah. I saw her performance for the first time in London this summer. She was already a YouTube sensation with her “We Teach Life, Sir” video but I had not heard of her. My only focus…

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2 thoughts on “Three Poems by Rafeef Ziadah: “We teach life, sir.” / “Hadeel” / “Shades of Anger””

  1. Wow. Powerful stuff. I’ve watched these videos probably 7 or 8 times already, and they move me more deeply each time. A perfect intersection of truth, outrage, dignity, and poetry. If Ziadah’s delivery does not touch you, you are simply beyond redemption as a human being.

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  2. Powerful stuff indeed, Norm.

    I have only watched the first. And I was moved deeply by it.

    I am going to watch the others today.

    I knew after listening to the first, that I wanted to spread her message of truth and life!

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