“A Milestone For Women In Politics”

A Milestone For Women In Politics

By ReasonTV

Hillary Clinton’s lock on the Democratic nomination is a historic milestone for our country, and these libertarian women are so proud…Written and Produced by Austin Bragg.

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4 thoughts on ““A Milestone For Women In Politics”

  1. “Identity politics” is what it’s called. You don’t actually inquire into the details and political implications of the candidate’s track record, just so long as the image being used to sell the candidate to you fits the definition of a group with which you identify, in this instance, a feminist fighting for the right of women to be regarded as the equals of men, no matter that the cultural roles of the men to be emulated are those of rapaciously criminal and murderous assholes. After all, it’s a milestone . . .

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  2. I agree, Norm!

    Many women, today, who would claim they hate violence and war, will vote for Hillary just because she isn’t a man. The almost same thing occurred in 2008, only to most Americans then, Obama was an unknown, whereas Hillary is not, or at least should not be an unknown!

    Conditioning/addiction in all ways, especially with the opiate, political “rights”. Many Americans still believe they have political “rights endowed by their creator”, when in fact these so-called rights have been granted them by the ruling elite, and so can be taken away as quickly as they have been given, as has been evidenced since 9/11.

    In the end, it matters not who the next stooge in office will be, since they will carry out their orders or die, just like all those who have sat in the oval office before them!

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  3. The only reason anyone should pay attention to these so-called elections is to point out for the sake of the starstruck believers and gullible the chasm between the public relation charade of speech-making and the substance of the ‘system’ as whole actually delivers. Other than that, electoral politics, at any level of representation, are a complete waste of time, both as misdirection and unresponsive to real community needs.


  4. Absolutely! And this is why I only post articles and videos that show this every four year farce for what it is.

    Being born here, I have grown to dread the election year cycles. When I was young, we had three years off between these farces, but now, the next election cycle starts as soon as the November election is over. There is no break from it at all!

    It’s all part of the insanity that is this hell hole country!


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