“Al Qaeda With a Facelift”

Image: truththeory.com

Al Qaeda With a Facelift

Published on Friday, 10 June 2016

Syria’s “white helmets” are not what they seem. It is openly admitted that they are funded by the US government, in spite of claims to the contrary, and run by an ex-British army officer on behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Syrian Women Denounce USAID Funded ‘White Helmets’ in Syria by Prof. Tim Anderson

A range of Syrian women have denounced the US-UK funded group the ‘White Helmets’, led by a former British soldier and recently revealed to be financed by USAID. They come from all the country’s communities (e.g. Sunni, Alawi, Druze, Christian) but, like most Syrians, prefer to identify simply as Syrian.

Source: Al Qaeda with a facelift