“Bernie’s “Political Revolution” = Vote for Clinton and the Neocons”

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Pardon me while I vent!

I didn’t even bother reading the following article, since I knew what is was going to spew by its title. Go ahead, if you so choose, and read the snippet I have quoted here:

Bernie’s “Political Revolution” = Vote for Clinton and the Neocons


How pathetic. Now that he said he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders’ idea of “political revolution” has devolved into urging his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton and her neoconservative backers.

Wow, very revolutionary, Bernie. Thanks for encouraging people to put the neocons back in office.

How do Democrats continue to let themselves get bowled over time and time again? Wasn’t it enough to watch their own party rig the primaries against their preferred candidate, but now their guy Bernie wants them to vote for that same party and their warmongering candidate?

The sad thing is that many, many “liberals” will follow suit and do as told.

“We have to do everything possible to stop a Trump presidency” is the rallying cry.

But what about doing everything possible to stop a Clinton presidency?

Source: Bernie’s “Political Revolution” = Vote for Clinton and the Neocons

Some of the so-called “alternative news” sites, like this one (in particular), seem to be as deluded (or sold-out) as the corporate-owned and operated main-stream media, when it comes to the holy-of-all-holies constitution and this every four year farce (“POTUS 2016”).

How in the hell can individuals, claiming to be awake and aware, still hold to this ONE-PARTY system of totalitarian government/politics as an entity that once worked [for the people] and now is broken? Are these folks this uninformed, this ignorant of the facts, this deluded, or are they, in reality, just more elite-owned wolves in sheep’s clothing?

This system of government/politics is not broken, nor has it ever been. This system of government/politics has evolved, over the last two-hundred-plus years, to become what it is, today, and what it was always intended to be: a humanity and planet devouring/destroying monster, owned lock, stock and barrel by the worldwide structural-elite. This system of government/politics is working just as it should be, it is working perfectly, for the tiny minority of psychopaths, and to hell with the rest of us!

So, as I watched this obnoxious, every-four-year-farce proceed, over the last year or so, Bernie Sanders became the newest “savior” of the people on “the left”; which, in reality, is no different from the people on the right or middle: “left, right, middle”, it’s all manipulative, despotic bullshit!

And as I checked out this next savior-of-the-people’s [Bernie’s] voting record, he had turned out to be little different from Bill’s bitch (Hillary), when it came to being a stooge/shill for the military-industrial complex. Or, in other words, Bernie is as much a war-mongering stooge of the elite as Hillary is.

So now that Bernie has not been selected, by the elite (NOT THE PEOPLE), to be “POTUS 2016”, and Bill’s bitch has, Bernie has tossed in the towel and thrown his support behind Hillary. Now if Bernie had been a man of his word, and had truly stood politically and ethically opposed to Hillary, in almost every conceivable way, then how could he possibly turn around and support her now?

I’ll tell you how: Bernie is just another paid stooge of the elite, he, like Bill’s bitch and Donnie-bad-hair-day, have been put out there to keep all you red-white-and-blue suckers, you members of this doomed herd, chomping at the bit (believing in and supporting “the system”, the elite status-quo).

“POTUS 2016” is a con, just like every POTUS event that came before it. If the people were as fed up as they claim to be, then they would not be falling for this every-four-year bullshit once again! They would be yelling these three paid stooges down, while screaming, “We’re not buying into your corporate-capitalist bullshit anymore! Tear it down! Tear it all down!”

The fact is, from the least educated/stupid to the most over-educated/brilliant, the majority of Americans, I am sad to say, are as lame as their parents and grandparents, when it comes to still “believing in” and supporting this system of government/politics, which continues to rape and pillage them, their friends and families.

So, where is the hope in all of this? I do not see much hope!

As far as I am concerned, at the moment, we are fucked!

As is the rest of the world!

6 thoughts on ““Bernie’s “Political Revolution” = Vote for Clinton and the Neocons”

  1. Well said, Sojourner! Except that though we most certainly are fucked at the moment and for some time yet to come, even if for two or more generations, people are waking up and speaking out, and in doing so are helping others to wake up to their oppression and their oppressor.

    There are only so many variations on the game of deceit that the elite can play, and more and more people are becoming wise to their cons.

    Eventually, it won’t just be a minority who will clearly see through the subterfuges, it will be a number sufficient to overthrow these bastards.

    The times, they are a changin’. But it does take time, as discouragingly long as it takes.

    You and I and millions of others did not always see things as we now do. Indeed, seeing through the bullshit was something only possible but for a tiny handful of individuals not that long ago. Yet here we are, literally, in the tens of millions. And others are also coming along. A great many more.

    Increasingly the discontent becomes more widespread; increasingly the truth becomes apparent to increasing numbers. The likelihood of change increases and does not at all lessen. People will only put up with so much. Already, people are laying down their lives on the right side of history, meaning that unlike the indoctrinated soldier against who they struggle, they know and understand for what they fight. People really are waking up . . . everywhere. And people will keep waking up and eventually will do what has to be done. I’m certain of it . . .

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  2. I hear you, Norm.

    It’s just that sometimes I sense this, and then sometimes I don’t. And these election years always bring me back to a place where I tend to doubt that people are waking up.

    But having said that, I guess this is the reason for my pessimism.

    I’m not going to stop, it’s just some days are harder than others, especially when those awake and aware don’t seem to be getting the picture.

    Thanks, Norm! I need to hear this today!


    My appointment has been pushed back one day, to Thursday.

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  3. Logistics, I presume, since we are talking about the E.R. Well, you’re almost there. Another day won’t make a difference although another week, and certainly a month, might. Let me know how that went . . .

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