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Celebrate this on the 4th, Mr and Ms Colonialists, if you can?

Lara Trace Hentz

“The early leaders of the Indian Rights Association (IRA) had a twofold purpose: to protect the interests and general welfare for the Indians, and to initiate, support, or oppose government legislation and policies designed to ‘civilize’ the American Indian.  By the term ‘civilize,’ the IRA in 1882 meant measures designed to educate, Christianize, make economically independent, and absorb the Indians as individuals into American society.” (Indian Rights Association Papers: A Guide to the Microfilm Edition 1864-1973, 1975, page 1.)

By Lara Trace (still doing historical research) (my Lakota name is Winyan Ohmanisa Waste La ke)

Motives. I do wonder about that.  If I give you something, what will you give me or expect in return.

The Indian Rights Association had a motive.  A big one.  Indians had no right to exist as they had for thousands of years.  Indians were in the way, an impediment to progress and westward expansion. …

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