“Divide and Conquer (A Cabal Tool as Old as Time)”

Divide and Conquer (A Cabal Tool as Old as Time)

Jonathan Carty

Black Vs. White

Gun Vs. Anti-Gun

Round Earth Vs. Flat Earth

Democrat Vs. Republican

Rich Vs. Poor

Gay Vs. Straight

Man Vs. Woman

Vegan Vs. Meat-Eater

Patriots Vs. Seahawks

Dog Person Vs. Cat Person

Pepsi Vs. Coke

Chevy Vs. Ford

Atheist Vs. Theist

Muslim Vs. Christian

his is but a small list of all of the categories the Cabal uses to control us and our behavior towards other people (other-selves). They have used this divide and conquer strategy against the people for thousands of years if not longer and on other planets.

They fund both sides of the wars. They pull the strings and instruct journalists to write emotionally inflaming articles and instruct others to organize events/disasters that will further the divide and conquer strategy against a minority of their choice, and watch and laugh as we use our time, energy and power to kill and fight among one another.

Do we not all want the same thing? To live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything?

Everyone has their preferences, sure. But the Cabal knows our psychology very well. They know our pressure points and they know how to push our buttons. They use the mass media to distract us with pointless issues and further deepen the idea that we are separate and need to be put into groups…

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Source: Divide and Conquer (A Cabal Tool as Old as Time) – Zen Gardner