Donbass Truth: Drunk Russian Propaganda Edition (comparing the TRUTH about Russia and Ukraine)

Here is the truth about Putin, Russia and the Ukraine!

Taking Sides

Published on 3 Jul 2016

ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVALIABLE! ЕСТЬ РУССКИЕ СУБТИТРЫ! Western media, politicians and anti-Russian elements accuse anyone who dares to disagree with Western narrative to be a “Kremlin troll” or part of “Russian propaganda”.

We at Donbass Truth came to Moscow – to the heart of darkness, and stood right next to the Kremlin – Putin’s evil layer…. but nothing happend. So we spent countless research hours to make this video to see if anything you hear in Western media about “failing Russia” or “rising Ukraine” is grounded in actual facts – for this we used statastics from the UN, CIA, IMF and other world famous organizations.

Take a look – this might just cause to learn to think for yourself!  🙂

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