Philando Castille was a Ticking Time Bomb — This Innocent Man was Pulled Over 52 Times Before

“To Serve and Protect”? I don’t think so!

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Philando Castile had been targetted for revenue collection so many times, his death was not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ — and it’s not isolated.

Source: Philando Castille was a Ticking Time Bomb — This Innocent Man was Pulled Over 52 Times Before

July 9, 2016

A new report out of the Washington Post highlights the glaring profiling and gang stalking problem in America today. Philando Castile, who was murdered by police during a traffic stop, was a ticking time bomb — because of law enforcement policy in the United States.

Prior to being pulled over and murdered this week, Castile had been stopped a whopping 52 times! All of these ‘offenses’ were non-criminal, had no victim, and were used to extract thousands from this poor man.

According to the Post, Castile was assessed at least $6,588 in fines and fees, although more than half of…

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