“Human Nature”

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Sting once sang, “I hope the Russians love their children too?”

But what Sting should have been singing was, “I hope the Americans and Europeans love their children too?”

From where I stand, it appears that the ‘elected’ stooges of the U.S. Corporation, and NATO governments, only love wealth, power, and the structural-elite who own and operate them:

Human Nature

Published on Saturday, 09 July 2016

Discussion around self-organising society without hierarchy invariably provokes fears of chaos and feelings of vulnerability. In this hierarchical political economy of today, there is plenty of manufactured chaos and violence to make us feel stressed and vulnerable – one only has to look at the news headlines each day. The biggest obstacles to serious examination of anarchy and self-organisation are our inculcated misconceptions of “human nature” although we always ascribe the worst motivations and inclinations to the “other”, never to ourselves.

Regular readers of Daily Pickings are well aware of the extent to which our behaviour and thoughts are deliberately conditioned and so what can we really know about human nature? Anthropology gives us some clues and developments in evolutionary biology confirm our inclination to collaborate and to form strong social bonds around family and community. The first hour and half of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward provides some insights into the contrast between human nature and the violence and inequality of the current political economy; the false of objective of “acquiring money”, which is what we’re conditioned to aspire to, destroys community and perverts human nature. Critical Thinking would argue it is the “time value” ascribed to money through interest that induces such effects. Either way, it is the current political economy which subverts our natural inclination to love, collaborate and co-create; the political economy suppresses and distorts human nature.

Any impartial assessment of NATO exercises on Russia’s borders and the escalating belligerence of Western powers, over Syria, Ukraine and expansion of NATO to encircle Russia reveals who is the aggressor. Yet media and even the “left” seem incapable of delivering anything other than vilification of Putin and Russia as scripted at Bilderberg by the Structural Elite:

Wars couldn’t happen if the world and society were to be organised without institutional hierarchy – there would be no standing armies. It’s not people who cause wars but the political economy.

We’ve been here before, during the Cold War. Both Russians and we in the West were trained to fear/hate the “other” but Russians love their children too.

Source: Human nature


NATO Summit Closes By Condemning Russia


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