Separated Only by Time and Space: Two Individuals Stand Up Against the Totalitarian State!


Tiananmen Square: 1989


Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 2016


8 thoughts on “Separated Only by Time and Space: Two Individuals Stand Up Against the Totalitarian State!”

  1. When I saw the photo of this amazing woman in Baton Rouge, the image from 1989 immediately came to mind.

    Powerful and inspiring are the right terms!

    Thanks, Carol!

    BTW, loved the photos today!

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  2. Great symmetry in images from different nations at different times. Change doesn’t come from those in power, and revolution may just be one person who stands her (his) ground armed only with love, courage, and a vision of what could (should) be…

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  3. I believe you are right, Carol. It is examples of peacefully, and yet sternly, withdrawing consent, like these two, that see to have the most profound effect on positive, permanent change, while political activism, within the corrupted system, and rioting on the outside, only lead to chaos and another form of the same monstrous government the people had just overthrown.

    To be honest, Carol, I am struggling with all that is wrong around the world and here.

    I go through times when I am beside myself with cynicism and bitter rage, and then there are times when I can read and acknowledge what is happening and still keep my head on straight.

    I have considered giving up, but I can’t get that done either, since I would have to stop caring in order to quit.

    That’s why I come to your blog, Carol, for wisdom, truth, love and hope!

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