Reflections – Saturday, July 16, 2016

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Yesterday’s topic for photography raised conflicting emotions for me. I needed more time to sort out my thoughts and feelings.

Bliss – “perfect happiness, great joy.”

In a world where violence often rules and millions suffer, I feel deep sorrow and guilt – an undercurrent even when I experience moments of contentment and joy on ordinary days. I realize I have only known bliss in my dreams or imagination. I wonder. As an empath who awakens to the reality of the world as it is today, how could it be otherwise?

How can I express this meaning of “bliss” through a photographic image? I thought of the connections that bind us together, reminding me of a dreamcatcher.

WP dreamcatcher 1

A gift made by a dear friend (Northern Cheyenne)

WP dreamcatcher 2

A gift from my brother when he was rediscovering his heritage

WP dreamcatcher 3

An antique earring…

Imagine the web of life. Each…

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