Who are “They”?

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Who are “They”?

Published on Monday, 11 July 2016

Pick any controversial or difficult geopolitical issue and before long, we are referring to “they”; the candidates for excoriation are many and various. In this piece, Paul Craig Roberts directs his fire at Western presstitutes, neoconservatives, and the crazed American government.

Are You Planning Your Retirement? Forget About It. You Won’t Survive To Experience It by Paul Craig Roberts

The crazed American government drowning in its own hubris has set us on a course to nuclear war. Can America produce a leader who can reverse course?

Superficially, Paul is correct (he also is scathing about the ignorance of the American people) but it is not the “fault” of Americans. The current political economy is incapable of producing the “leader” who is going to lead us back from the brink. The leader who exhibits judgement and foresight in this NATO/Russia confrontation is Putin who is less accountable to the Structural Elite (which is why he’s been under continuous attack) – Western leaders are following the anti-Russian script.

But the real point to note is that there is no “they”. In seeking to blame someone we focus on individuals or groups, failing to recognise that it is the current political economy which drives the evil in the world. The “players” are merely responding to the incentives and penalties which govern their thoughts and behaviour. All (even banksters) are victims of the oppressive, abusive, destructive political economy. Some believe they are beneficiaries through acquisition of status, power and material possessions but in a post-apocalyptic world, what value is there in any of those things? In reality, they are as abused as we are but in different ways – growing up among the Structural Elite and elevated cattle is hardly conducive to a balanced, centred personality or happiness.

The political economy relies on us for its power. Without our consent, compliance and participation, it wouldn’t function. If the political economy is the primary culprit and we nurture it, then “we” are “they”. It is time to take responsibility ourselves because “they” can’t do what they do without our consent. If we withdraw consent, “they” cease to exist and we control our future.

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