Analysis- What happened in Turkey ?-Part 2 : The politics and the impact of the coup d’état attempt inside and beyond Turkey.

Une Lettre Jamais Arrivée

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The failed coup d’état attempt developments in Turkey are faced as a series of events of myth story against the reality one. And is not easy for to distinguish which story is a myth or reality mainly when it comes to the myth that the democracy won in Turkey!

On the contrary,  the existing anti-democratic and undemocratic monocracy of the Sultan won the threat of the military junta. In both cases  there has been, for a long time now, one single loser: Democracy .Turkey experienced in the past again a total of 6 military coups during the last 50 years: in 1960,  1971 :Turkish military memorandum, 1980, 1993, 1997 and last Friday.

It is probably worth pointing out in the first instance that the traditional rivalry in Turkish society has been between secularists (including those in the army) who look to the modern state’s…

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