Idiocracy: a Documentary!


The Following article is another expose on the lacking in character quality of the republican candidate for president. The only reason I am quoting this article is that I am fed up with this entire election farce, and unfortunately, this is only July.

The Republicans Plumb the Depths
20 July 2016

As one follows the Republican National Convention, one cannot avoid the conclusion that some fundamental political boundary is being crossed.

There is little reason to idealize the political history of the United States. The conventions of the two capitalist parties—attended by several thousand delegates representing a cross section of corrupt politicos and operatives in the pay of Big Business—have usually been sordid affairs. Over the past half-century they have resulted in the nominations of people such as Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the two Bushes. And yet this Republican Party convention in Cleveland, which has just officially chosen Donald Trump as its candidate for president, represents something new, ugly and sick.

Even as socialists, who have carefully followed, analyzed and explained the protracted crisis of American democracy, it is difficult to suppress a feeling of disgust, akin to nausea, as one watches the proceedings. One cannot help but ask oneself, “Has it really come to this?” The convention is a display of the grotesque and the absurd, in which all that is seedy, stupid, backward, cruel and reactionary in American politics and culture is on display.

An air of demoralized paranoia dominates the convention. Under the slogan “Make America Great Again,” the speakers describe a country in irreversible breakdown, beset by enemies inside and out. In the speeches, filled with appeals to the military and the police, one senses, beneath all the braggadocio, a ruling class extremely nervous about its future.

Donald Trump emerged from a silhouetted stage on Monday night to introduce his wife, who was about to read her plagiarized tribute to her hero. Unfortunately, there is not to be found among the ranks of present-day journalists the equal of an H.L Mencken, who certainly would have drawn attention to the absurd irony of hysterical evangelical delegates choosing as their prophet a thrice-wed man who publicly extols the size of his private parts and has entertained the New York tabloids with descriptions of his most memorable sexual encounters.

Another great American satirist, Sinclair Lewis, the author of Elmer Gantry and It Can’t Happen Here, would probably have seen in the excitement of the delegates proof that the United States is a country where puritanical hysteria commingles with a fascination for the pornographic, and where pious moral virtue never stops the pursuit of the almighty dollar…

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Source: The Republicans plumb the depths – World Socialist Web Site

Pardon me while I vent:

First, I have not watched, nor will I watch, one second of the RNC or DNC. I gave up on this manipulative con-game a long time ago. But evidently, most Americans are still responding like Pavlov’s pooch.

This author tears Donnie Trump a new ass, and rightly so. Donnie Trump, like Hillary Clinton, is a horrific joke, a horrific curse, a horrific plague on humanity and the planet.

So why is this author, and many other folks as well, surprised at the low-life quality of Trump, Hillary, and the other career-criminals who were seeking to be the next stooge-king of these here united states?

{It is beyond me to understand how any rational human being could have ever bought in to any one of these sold-out criminals.}

Are you familiar with the movie Idiocracy? If not, watch a little bit of it, but not too much, because it sucks, just like everything else Zionist-elite owned and operated Hollywood panders. Idiocracy is, however, valuable in the sense that it paints a fairly accurate portrait of current day ‘American culture’.

When all one has left to choose from is excrement (“shit”), then what one will ultimately be forced to choose, if one is willing to play the game, will be excrement. And America has been mutated into a seething cesspool, especially when it comes to the elite-swine and their so-called elected stooges.

I could go into great detail, but just let me sum it up this way: in almost every possible way, America has been mutated into excrement, whether it be its idea of legitimate art, entrepreneurship, philosophy, science, medicine, or anything else that comes to mind. “We the people” have been “dumbed down” to such an extent that a crucifix in a piss-filled jar is now considered fine art, and ‘classic’ music now only consists of “rock and roll”, “country”, “hip-hop” and “rap”. We are living in the age of miserable, low-life mediocrity, where the truly gifted are never heard from, while the inept, lacking-in-talent whore/criminal-type will become the next “diva”/”superstar”. And it isn’t just Americans who are suffering from this plague, Europeans and Asians, in particular, are also suffering from this virulent disease called capitalism.

America has always been a joke to the rest of the world, when it comes to culture, art, intellect, etc. But “we the people” have taken care of that by sitting by as the structural-elite have spread their disease all over the planet. The “good old” US of A has pretty much destroyed genuine art and culture throughout most of the rest of the world, and especially in the west. We have brought down most of the world to our own low-level of existence (not life).

So, why should any of us, who see this hellhole (this Idiocracy) for what it truly is, be surprised that Donnie and Hillary are such low-life criminals?

In my opinion, the vast majority of Americans (the flag-waving “USA” shouting herd), who willfully choose to remain asleep and ignorant, are simply getting what they deserve, with Donnie and Killary, while the rest of us, throughout the world, continue to suffer and die.


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  1. Hilarious Windbag Clinton or the Strumpf, who cares? They are the same useless creature. Just make them both president. What difference would it make? American politics are a farce.

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