The Eye of the Beholder: There is Never Anything New

Steppling looks at theater, architecture, post-modernism, Freudian and Jungian psychology, the art scene, fine art, photography, Hollywood, propaganda, education, all the lower forms of capitalism, all those devolving collective dendrites of a culture preened by cultural gatekeepers and the models of each generation’s tragically hip pseudo thinkers, all those posing intellectuals.

The crucible of Steppling’s galvanizing thinking is tied to what is authentic artwork, what is the concrete thing that is the spontaneous creative gravity pulling forth this flash-point of the highly creative, which is at the same instance a series of contradictions that make the process magic and concrete.

Edward Said calls this the undefined time and place. Steppling adds, “These are the contours of the imagination. We hear, we invent, we are deaf – but all of it is engaged with, and absorbed.”

Desultory Heroics


A review of John Steppling’s new book, Aesthetic Resistance and Dis-Interest

By Paul Haeder

Source: Dissident Voice

it is through mimesis, (identification with the mirror image) that one gains a sense of unity, self-containment and mastery over the body. If that was all that there was to it, humanity would be condemned to dwell forever entombed in the hell of mirrors. However, the identification with an Other in the mirror opens out the possibility for symbolic thought.

— John Desmond, author, thinker, who is interested in the history of marketing; construction of knowledge in marketing; consuming culture; morality and marketing; advertising and public policy

The beauty of ideas and words and sculpting frames and philosophical groundings is that we in Western culture having nothing more challenging than the numbness of a consumer-wrecked world where crass hucksterism and financial voodoo wizardry – even with its nuclear tipped propaganda, surveillance…

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The Age of Unbridled Mediocrity: The “Dumbed-Down” & Devoid of Culture/Art Generations!

Image: It's about time someone spoke out about the sad state of musical art in these here united states. Many of us formally trained musicians have been watching this slow death of musical art since we were young. But in reality, the death of musical art, in America, began long before most of us … Continue reading The Age of Unbridled Mediocrity: The “Dumbed-Down” & Devoid of Culture/Art Generations!

Big Brother’s Gestapo Agents Have Declared War on We the Individuals!

Image: The photo above is of the sheriff mentioned in the following article. Sheriff David Clarke wants to wage open warfare on the "Occupy" and "Black Lives Matter" movements (not that I trust "BLM" completely). This Judas is nothing but an "Uncle Tom" storm-trooper. And if I were black, and ready to raise hell, … Continue reading Big Brother’s Gestapo Agents Have Declared War on We the Individuals!

Scientists looking for invisible dark matter can’t find any

Imagine that, scientists coming up “empty handed”. Nothing new here, a common occurrence, really. We just have to wait a century, until they have enough guts to admit they were wrong, which is a large portion of the time!

The mice that roared!

Tales from the Conspiratum

I for one am glad we did not find that elusive dark matter. Us puny humans cannot be trusted with such knowledge. Look at us, we already have the knowledge to eradicate wars and poverty, and what do we do with it? We produce more wars and poverty. Hide away dark matter, hide away from this virus species.

Source: Scientists looking for invisible dark matter can’t find any

by Seth Borenstein
July 21, 2016
Scientists looking for invisible dark matter can't find any
In this Oct. 29, 2013, photo Richard Gaitskell, study co-investigator from Brown University, explains an experiment being conducted deep in an abandoned gold mine in Lead, S.D., to search for elusive and mysterious dark matter. Scientists …more

Scientists have come up empty-handed in their latest effort to find elusive dark matter, the plentiful stuff that helps galaxies like ours form.

For three years, scientists have been looking for dark matter—which though invisible, makes…

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