“And Justice For All”? Yeah! Right!

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“Law and order” only exists to maintain control of you and me. The elite and their “elected” stooges and storm-troopers can commit any heinous act they so choose, when they choose, and how they choose, and never pay a penalty for their criminal actions. The law is not blind, it is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and it recognizes the stench of its elite owners and operators.

It is time for the law, and the state that created and upholds it to be done away with:

Cop Who Killed His Own Son By Leaving Him in a Hot Car All Day, Not Charged — Because He’s a Cop

In yet another example of privilege granted to those who work for the system, an officer from Rome, New York, will not be charged in the death of his infant son, who perished after being left in inside a hot car for 8 ½ hours.

Officer Mark Fanfarillo left his 4 ½-month-old baby, Michael, in his car during the summer for nearly nine hours — but Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara refused to press charges.

According to local WSYR-TV, the D.A. said Fanfarillo first realized he’d abandoned the baby in the car when his wife contacted him to say Michael had never been dropped off at the family’s daycare provider. Fanfarillo, McNamara explained, rushed out to the car after that call and “found his son’s lifeless body.” Although Fanfarillo “relentlessly” attempted to resuscitate the baby, the effort was ultimately unsuccessful.

As McNamara’s office said in a statement:

“The facts and evidence in this case do not reach the threshold required for criminal liability,” which, in New York, demand “a person must fail to perceive that a substantial and unjustifiable risk will result from their conduct. A lapse or loss in memory is insufficient proof to satisfy the legal requirement of failing to perceive a risk — something more is required.”

According to McNamara, the officer placed Michael in the back seat to drop his elder child at daycare — though he typically didn’t bring the youngest along for the ride. After returning home, Fanfarillo simply forgot the baby was strapped into his carseat, did a few chores, and fell asleep — while Michael suffered in oppressive summer heat, eventually dying of hyperthermia, over 8 ½ hours later.

“The law in our state recognizes a fundamental difference between the offender who leaves a child in a car knowing that the child is there but wrongly failing to appreciate the risk of such conduct, and a person who walks away from a vehicle after having forgotten that the child was still inside of it,” the district attorney’s statement explained.

{Sojourner note: Fucking Bullshit! If this had been you or me, we would have been on our way to prison, and for many, many years! The law no longer exists!}

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