“Free Speech Cage” At DNC – A Pathetic Image Of Modern American Freedom

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What a hypocritical, pathetic side-show, what a sick joke, this government is and has always been. I love the people, or at least most of them, and the country itself, but this corrupt and insane system of government/politics/economics is a hellish nightmare. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world has always either hated or mocked this so-called “land of the free”? And no, they are not “jealous of our freedom”, since there is, in reality, no true individual freedom to be had under this totalitarian state/society.

If I had the ways and means, I would leave this low-life, criminal hell-hole for good. Thank god I am old, so I don’t have that much longer to contend with all of this red-white-and-blue, political minutiae.

By Melissa Dykes

“Free Speech Cage” At DNC – A Pathetic Image Of Modern American Freedom


Yeah, this really looks like freedom. Look at these people. Is this a zoo, you might ask?

No. It’s protesters exercising their First Amendment rights to shout “Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!” over and over outside the corrupt dog and pony show that is the Democratic National Convention — in a rusty metal cage that looks like something out of the horror film Silent Hill.

What a sad, pathetic testament to modern American “freedom” this is.

And what a sad, pathetic circus sideshow this whole fake, rigged “selection” process to nominate Hillary has been.

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