My Fellow Americans: We Are Fools

Tales from the Conspiratum

Margot ‘Lois lane’ Kidder

Source: My Fellow Americans: We Are Fools

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There is something I am going to try and explain here after watching the Democratic National Convention this evening that will invite the scorn of many of my friends. But the words are gagging my throat and my stomach is twisted and sick and I have to vomit this out. The anti-americanism in me is about to explode and land god knows where as my rage is well beyond reason. And I, by heritage, half American in a way that makes me “more” American than almost anyone else in this country except for the true Americans, the American Indians, am in utter denial tonight that I am, as you are, American as well.

I am half Canadian, I was brought up there, with very different values than you Americans…

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US Warplanes Massacre Syrian Civilians Unaccountably

“God Bless America?”

Pulp (Non) Fiction

By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, July 30, 2016

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Longstanding US policy has no regard for human life.

High crimes committed globally, notably in its war theaters. Syria is in the eye of the storm, US aggression continuing against a sovereign independent state, now in its sixth year with no prospects for resolution.

On Friday, Damascus responded to US-led “coalition” airstrikes, killing or injuring nearly 100 civilians in the city of Manbij near Aleppo – Obama’s latest atrocity against a beleaguered people.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said Damascus “condemns in the strongest terms targeting innocent civilians and infrastructure by the so-called international coalition and (foreign-supported) armed terrorist groups,” citing its Foreign Ministry.

It demanded UN action to stop “attacks and atrocities committed against civilians, calling for bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

Commenting on Jabhat al-Nusra’s announcement of changing its name to Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham, the ministry described it…

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Ouch! The Truth Can Be Painful!

Image: You want the truth? "You can't handle the truth!" The Power of “Nyet” [O poder do “não”] [Het vermogen van “njet”] The way things are supposed to work on this planet is like this: in the United States, the power structures (public and private) decide what they want the rest of the world … Continue reading Ouch! The Truth Can Be Painful!

“Wrestling with Who Rules and How”

Image: If nothing else, take twelve minutes of your time and watch the following video. Wrestling with Who Rules and How Published on Wednesday, 27 July 2016 Discussion and deliberation on how to create non-hierarchical structures involves groups and individuals who have very different perspectives/world views. In the UK, we pride ourselves on the … Continue reading “Wrestling with Who Rules and How”

Some Brilliant Satirical mind-blowing art by Pawel Kuczynski// Quelques illustrations satiriques éblouissantes de Pawel Kuczynski

Une Lettre Jamais Arrivée

Polish artist and illustrator Paweł Kuczyński is famous for his political and satirical take on world events filled with thought provoking messages ( in some of them )as his works  specialize in satirical illustration. He’s one of the most influential contemporary artists in his field.Take a look at the gallery below for some more of his satirical illustrations and make sure to check out Paweł Kuczyński’s Facebook.

Was Born in 1976 in Szczecin, Poland, he graduated with a graphics degree from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. Pawel has been focusing on satire since 2004 and has garnered nearly a hundred prizes and distinctions since then.Let’s take a look on some of them.

Much of his artwork deals with serious themes such as poverty, greed, politics and mortality. While his subject matter is stark, his illustrative style is whimsical and cartoonish. This provides great contrast and makes…

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