Reflections – Sunday, July 31, 2016

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

I try to avoid main stream media news (MSM), especially during campaign times. Lies and vituperative ad hominem attacks are just a total energy drain and waste of time. Yet this repeating mantra about “Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee computers” is ridiculous and inane. It’s also incredibly dangerous.

Why should we care that someone, anyone, assured that the public had hard evidence to support what they already knew, and of course, should know? “The whole system is corrupt.” When the MSM promote a dominant narrative about an external enemy meddling in our “democracy” to promote fear in order to make one candidate more appealing than another, it’s time to question. It’s time to speak out.

Recently, anti-Russia and anti-China narratives have been a frequent theme in the news, so it’s not surprising to see the not-so-cold-war with Russia once again looming…

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“Nine Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Is President”

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