“They have them all and the FBI can get them right there.”

Whistleblower's Stunning Claim: "NSA Has All Of Hillary's Deleted Emails, It May Be The Leak"Zero Hedge

Over a year before Edward Snowden shocked the world in the summer of 2013 with revelations that have since changed everything from domestic to foreign US policy but most of all, provided everyone a glimpse into just what the NSA truly does on a daily basis, a former NSA staffer, and now famous whistleblower, William Binney, gave excruciating detail to Wired magazine about all that Snowden would substantiate the following summer. 

We covered it in a 2012 post titled “We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State” – Big Brother Goes Live September 2013.” Not surprisingly, Binney received little attention in 2012 – his suggestions at the time were seen as preposterous and ridiculously conspiratorial. Only after the fact, did it become obvious that he was right. More importantly, in the aftermath of the…

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Reflections – The Legacy of Continuing Loss…

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

A child kidnapped from the village road –
lured by strangers with the promise of a new adventure –
a ride in an automobile, a luxury rarely seen here.
He awoke hours later in a foreign place far from home –
held captive in a federal Indian boarding school.
He still carries the scars more than 70 years later –
one visible on his hand where he was struck on that first day
for speaking the only language he knew, Ojibwe;
the other hidden – a deep loneliness and longing for the home, family and culture
he vaguely remembered and imagined during the six decades he spent among strangers



Carlisle Indian Industrial School – 1879-1918 (Wikipedia)


All the child welfare system could do
was take a mother’s children away.
No one ever asked why she always had tears in her eyes.
Although her…

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Center for a Stateless Society » No Matter Who’s Elected, Patriarchy Reigns

Image: dailymail.co.uk Elite owned and operated stooges like Bill Clinton can get away with anything, including sex crimes. But let a truly sick, disenfranchised individual commit the same acts, and he/she will be thrown into prison, instead of being treated for their illness. This is "American justice": No Matter Who’s Elected, Patriarchy Reigns Logan Glitterbomb … Continue reading Center for a Stateless Society » No Matter Who’s Elected, Patriarchy Reigns

Occupy Gezi is big enough that anyone cannot bite!

unnecessary news from earth

533151476c050913902da21a The people who were killed by police violence and bullets during protests of OccupyGezi. The figures at the illustration represent their ages.

(Pre-edit: I am feeling that I have been writing this post for days. Maybe it is. What I am saying! Absolutely it is! It seems that this has been longest writing that I wrote on my blog. And “hi!” to all my Earthling friends after a long time. 🙂 )

Let’s start!

Everyone is talking and talking for days at the other side. There’s so much noise on this planet! Sometimes I want to push a button which will shut the people’s mouth. If there is a button in anywhere please one of you press it for me:)

Anyway, as I said, everyone is talking, but asking questions also. Asking questions is always good but it seems to ask question is turning into monopolized anymore in Anatolia. At…

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“US Election Shocker: Is this How the Vote will be Rigged?”

Image: theheritagevoice.wordpress.com For those who still believe their vote means anything at all, at the federal and state level, here is another wake up call for you. If you are still playing this political game, then you are keeping the elite, and their scam, alive and in charge: US election shocker: is this how the … Continue reading “US Election Shocker: Is this How the Vote will be Rigged?”