“All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags” (Video: 5:24)

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If you check out every last war this country has ever been involved in, and it has been at war ninety-plus percent of its existence, you will find that each war had begun with a false flag event, and I mean every last war, including world war two (Pearl Harbor).

The U.S. of A. can only successfully manufacture one major product, and that is war. This country gets its war mongering insanity naturally; after all, the U.S. is the bastard offspring of its whore-mother, England!

Capitalism is a curse on humanity and the world!

How does that old bible verse go? Oh yeah, “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” I think America’s time for dying by the sword might just be around the corner, and the sword will be in the hands of Putin and the Chinese!

(If you want to get past Dykes ramblings, she does blather on, then start at the 2:12 mark of the video)

All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags

Melissa Dykes, Truthstream Media

They sure don’t teach you this in school, kids.

This D.C. think tank jerk off blatantly admitted all of America’s wars have traditionally begun with false flag events, and they know they will need another one to get the war with Iran started that they’ve been working on for so long. This video is a few years old now, but it’s more relevant today with what’s going on in the Middle East than ever.

Whatever happens over there, just know how absolutely manufactured all of it is.

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Melissa Dykes (formerly Melton) is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

Source: All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags – Zen Gardner


Your government, Mr and Ms America, has been a terrorist threat to the world for over two centuries now. And here is one of its worst acts of terrorism; one in which it used Japanese men, women and children, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as nuclear lab rats. We were lied to, the Japanese had been attempting to surrender long before these two actual WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION were dropped:

Hiroshima: 71 Years Ago Today, The US Govt Carried Out One of the Worst Terrorist Acts in History

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  1. What else could it turn into. It takes after mommy! Carrying on the fine tradition of colonialism!

    Is it any wonder that many people in the east and third world countries consider European/Americans to be the devil incarnate?

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